Documents-as-a-Service™ – DaaS™

Does your organization have unique knowledge or intellectual property? Do you want to turn your expertise into profits? Let us show you how you can with the Documents-as-a-Service™ solution from ActiveDocs.

Unlock your potential

We can automate your documents with your intellectual property so you can unlock both the opportunity to expand your reach and to expand your profits.

Every industry, all sizes

Are you already serving hundreds of large institutions with your knowledge of insurance, engineering, health and safety, finance, law? Are you an organization with unique expertise in any field? Do you want to address a wider audience and automate your processes to unlock your potential and profits? Do you need a reliable solution to create documents, emails, content, and other communications that makes it possible to bill for the services you provide easily? ActiveDocs DaaS™ makes it easy to convert your expertise into profits.

Easy billing

Choose the billing method you prefer. Let your customers pay by credit cards or account billing. Define your pricing and discount schemes. ActiveDocs DaaS™ can make billing for your services a breeze.

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Hire agreements and leasing documentation automated at a large truck and bus manufacturer.

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An energy retailer communicates with 1.5 million clients using ActiveDocs.

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Learn about a major implementation thoughtfully executed in Australia's court system.

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