Output Document Formats

Wide range of supported output formats.

ActiveDocs Opus supports a comprehensive range of output document format options:

  • Microsoft Word (OOXML – DOCX, DOCM)
  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • DOC
  • PDF
  • XPS
  • ODT
  • RTF
  • TIFF
  • XML
  • Named Drivers

ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server's's management utilities allow each option to be enabled or disabled to match your requirements. Scroll down for more information about output document formats. Look here for information about format conversion using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word – OOXML (DOCX, DOCM)

ActiveDocs Opus supports the current OOXML (Microsoft Word) format and will support the Open Office XML ISO/IEC specification when the specification is supported by Microsoft Office. ActiveDocs Opus creates documents in the Microsoft Word DOCX and DOCM (Macro-enabled) OOXML formats by default.

Microsoft Word 2003

The Microsoft Word 2003 format is also known as XML and Word ML.


Microsoft Word binary document formats for Word 97 and Word 2000/XP.


The Adobe Portable Document Format is a widely used format for generation of documents that can be displayed and shared on any platform.


Microsoft's XML Paper Specification format.


ActiveDocs Opus creates documents in ODT (Open Document, Text) format, which belongs to the the Open Document Format family.


Rich Text Format.


The TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is an image format that provides the benefit of 100% fidelity (no loss of information by image compression). It is a one of the standard formats used in scanning, faxing, and optical character recognition.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is widely used format for data exchange purposes.


Generation of multiple types of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is supported for publishing and emailing.

Named Drivers

The use of Named Drivers to convert documents into other, typically print-ready, formats (e.g. PCL, PostScript).


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