Migrating Legacy Solutions to ActiveDocs Opus

Migration of your existing document automation solutions made easy.

Through our dealings with a range of organizations it is increasingly apparent that a number of businesses continue to constrain their growth by attempting to maintain legacy document generation solutions. These solutions while proving generally inflexible as they approach the end of their life, severely restrict business efficiencies, and ultimately impact on an organization's revenue generation potential.

The consistent feature of these systems is that they are unscalable, they have an inbuilt inability to adapt to the rapidly changing business needs of a modern, dynamic organization, and they are costly and difficult to maintain. Often the developers of these legacy solutions are simply no longer around to maintain or repair the software, and the personnel coming through have skills and abilities that are not applicable to what is rapidly becoming outmoded and obsolete technology.

Committing resource - both financial and personnel-wise - simply doesn't attend to the inherent difficulty with legacy solutions, and the overall result affects every aspect of the business from financial through to over-stretched and underwhelmed users and IT personnel. Put simply, these systems are at breaking point, and so is everyone who comes into contact with them.

What we have recognized, too, is that migrating to a new generation document solution, such as ActiveDocs Opus, is a process that must meet a number of criteria. The implementation needs to be as effortless as possible, the integration with what existing resource can be salvaged has to be seamless and cost-effective, and your business needs to run with the least possible interruption while the migration takes place.

To this end we have developed the ActiveDocs Opus software so that it meets all the above requirements, ensuring that the transition from legacy solutions to our software is seamless, painless and cost-effective. Our experience across the globe in modernizing the document capabilities of a range of international organizations ensures we know the potential pitfalls of the migration process and ensure these are met and dealt with before they happen. We work with you in addressing the core issues around existing content, rationalizing shared documentation and configuring and executing the most efficient implementation for your business through to co-operative and comprehensive training and directional initiatives post integration.

All this happens with minimum disruption to your processes, so that you continue to run your business while we go about ours.


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