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A major finance business speeds up creation of insurance premium financing documentation with ActiveDocs Opus.

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Our client is a successful provider of comprehensive Life, Disability, and Accident and Health insurance packages. Until recently, its market comprised mainly large companies. When the mid-market segment, companies with 50-500 employees, was discovered to be underserved, the business set out to address the needs of this new market.

Our client was not the only one with such aspirations; the mid-market had become a buzzword in the insurance industry. Being the first to capture this market would give the pioneering business a first-mover advantage and deter its competitors.

The business was well positioned to capture the mid-market, thanks to its considerable experience and a widespread sales and broker network. On the other hand, large companies are generally reputed to move slowly, leaving new market opportunities open to smaller, faster-moving companies. As one of the largest insurers in the world, our client wanted to challenge this stereotypical perception.

To achieve rapid entry into the market, our client created a new entity. The project followed the principles of scaled agile delivery framework. A brand new core insurance system was implemented, leaving just the choice of a document generation platform to integrate. Already extensively deployed by our client across multiple businesses and product lines, ActiveDocs Opus was a strong candidate. Building on its reputation to support delivery of complex templates within short timeframes, and the ease of long-term maintenance, ActiveDocs Opus was the chosen solution.

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Primary Business

Provision of commercial insurance to the mid-market


Bring a full set of brand new products into an emerging market segment, ahead of the competition.


A major global provider established a specific subsidiary, aiming to cater to the emerging mid-market segment of commercial insurance. ActiveDocs Opus was selected as the document generation engine for the platform, generating a range of documents for the Life, Disability, and Accident and Health products.


Complex insurance documents are automated within short timelines. Delivery of automated templates is synchronized with the project’s scaled agile methodology. Permissions-based management of templates and the intuitive design features of ActiveDocs Opus give our client the ability to update and maintain templates without the need to involve IT.

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The nature of the product means that almost all documents are complex and often exceed a hundred pages. With ActiveDocs, our client can be sure that the content and formatting of documents will always adhere to the specified business rules, regardless of how many products form the policy, or how many options have been quoted in the proposal.

The Solution

The ActiveDocs solution fully integrates into the existing system’s workflow. To generate a document for any configured insurance product in the core system, the user simply clicks a button. Users get the option to generate certain documents only at the appropriate stages. A proposal may only be generated once all prerequisite aspects of the case have been included; both parties agreeing to the proposal parameters subsequently allows the policy and certificates to be created.

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How it Works

From the end user’s point of view, transforming a client’s data into a complete set of documents is a single step. With functionality integrated into the existing user interface, a user simply selects the desired action to set the automation in motion. Any relevant proposals, policies, certificates, enrollment kits, billing, invoices, and claims are generated accurately according to predetermined business logic. All documents are presented in line with the business branding, and consistently compliant with the industry’s legal requirements. Once documents are generated, they are automatically filed in e-folders of the core insurance system.

Behind the scenes, the core system sends data, such as a client’s policy details and information about the required document type, to the ActiveDocs Opus system. The requested documents are generated by populating the appropriate templates, then placed into the EIS repository. The agnostic, platform-independent integration points of ActiveDocs Opus simplify data exchange between the document repositories and e-folders of the insurance system. Document generation is fully automated, taking advantage of the Automated Document Production and Solutions Studio modules of ActiveDocs Opus.

This new core insurance system is deployed in the cloud on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). ActiveDocs Opus provides web services that allow access to its document assembly capabilities from any system, controlled by centrally managed permissions.

Key Features

Automated Document Production enables the generation of documents without any user interaction, utilizing the data stored in the core insurance system.

ActiveDocs Opus Designer provides intuitive and effective automation capabilities adapted to creation of complex insurance documents, empowering our client to bring new products to market rapidly.

Rules Engine assists with embedding of complex business logic into the templates.

Repeating Item Groups allow the inclusion of any number of quoted options in proposals for the client to compare.

The Benefits

The nature of our client’s product means that almost all documents are complex and often exceed a hundred pages. With ActiveDocs Opus, our client can be sure that the content and formatting of the documents will always adhere to the specified business rules, regardless of how many products form the policy, or how many options have been quoted in the proposal.

Without the need for end-user interaction, room for error is virtually eliminated. The solution dramatically reduces response time to clients’ Requests for Proposals (RFPs). Management are able to dedicate their time to more useful pursuits, and the sales teams and brokers can cover more ground.

Additionally, our client has been able to start addressing the target market with its products within six months of starting the project. During this time, the newly designed core insurance platform was installed, new products configured, and the documents needed for swift entry into the market automated. Combining the use of scaled agile methodology, the new core insurance platform, and ActiveDocs Opus document production, has proven that effective delivery of new insurance products to market can be achieved at a speed previously deemed impossible.

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