Deployment Options with ActiveDocs

On-premise or in the cloud, the control is in your hands.

ActiveDocs provides flexible deployment options. You can run our software from an on-premise system or on cloud infrastructure. Regardless of what option you choose, you will have access to ActiveDocs' full feature set and functionality. You will have full control of your system and the data it uses and stores.


Some clients deploy ActiveDocs on-premise, installing the software in virtualized environments. These can be provisioned by Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix, or a number of other virtualization providers.

In addition to full control of the system and data, this gives our clients the ability to closely manage the virtualization and the resources that are allocated to the ActiveDocs system.

ActiveDocs can also be deployed on physical servers without any use of virtualization. However, this type of deployment has become uncommon due to the efficiencies brought in by enterprise-wide virtualization.

In the cloud

Many clients choose to deploy ActiveDocs on cloud infrastructure – may it be public or private cloud. The platforms most frequently used by our customers are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

ActiveDocs can run on any cloud infrastructure that meets the specified system requirements. When deploying on AWS or Azure you can use the platform’s database services, RDS and ADS respectively.

By deploying in the cloud, our customers free up their IT departments from the need to maintain the physical hardware and virtualization software. Resources can be allocated to the system as needed.

Our customers retain full control over the system and data hosted on the cloud infrastructure provider of their choice.

System requirements


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Here are the system requirements of our latest software release.

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