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Energy, Utilities & Automation

We're familiar with the challenges you face. We know how to solve them.

Let us help you ensure high accuracy, increased responsiveness, and better service and efficiency across your business communications.

Compliant communication is possible

with top-scoring document automation software

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Meet all requirements and regulations, across your brands, across all regions

Following regulations and retaining flexibility to respond to market changes can be a challenging balance – but it's possible!

We can help you deliver correct, compliant contracts and statements to your customers, for all your different brands, across all the areas in which you operate. All your documents can be created with clarity and confidence, and delivered to the right place, at the right time.

Connect to your customer management system and workflows

You likely already have all your content stored, secured, and organized just the way you like it. Similarly, your existing workflows are probably perfectly adjusted to your requirements. Why not leverage your existing systems and data to provide the right content, when and where needed?

ActiveDocs document automation software will work nicely alongside your existing applications. Our open API is well-documented and makes integration straightforward. We haven't yet met an application that we couldn't integrate with.

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Scale your system to support your volumes

You can deploy exactly the document automation solution that you need – nothing less, nothing more.

Whether you need to communicate with thousands, or many millions of clients, we can provide the scalability that can support a changing demand for communications within each month and each year.

Creating accurate documents for your clients and colleagues can be easy and flexible with document automation.

Read about how some energy and utility providers are solving their challenges:

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Major US
Energy Provider

Quick paperwork updates in response to market regulations, for different company brands across 12 states.

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International Energy
Technology Specialist

Reports put together automatically using data from databases and fresh field test results.

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Canadian Cable TV
and Network Provider

Tens of thousands of compliant communications and contracts generated automatically.

Handle with confidence

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Highly Customized Communications

Create highly customized, highly targeted communications that will automatically generate when needed.

For example, you can use consumption-related marketing information alongside any number of data sources to send out information to prospective clients. We can help you automate the end-to-end process.

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Increased Business Responsiveness

Time-sensitive changes are best done by the people who know exactly what's required – your subject matter experts.

Updating templates can be non-codey, so you don't have to rely on your developer colleagues from IT. Move faster, be responsive, and focus on growing your business.

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Efficient Document Updates and Management

Make a change once, and it will be applied to all your relevant documents automatically.

Schedule changes to content and presentation. This way you can get ahead of the change requirements, coordinate smooth rollouts, and stay up to date with business requirements and regulations.

"ActiveDocs offers flexible and powerful features for document automation."

Automation Tool Research Team, Technical University of Munich.

Read more about the study

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's top energy and utility organizations, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for energy and utility organizations:

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Full, End-to-End Control

Total control over your communications while being able to customize them is one of your top priorities – it lets you provide the best customer experience with confidence.

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Centralized Content Management

With your templates, documents, and customer data scattered across numerous systems, wouldn't it be great to have a single location for managing everything?

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Effective Printing Solution

So much care and effort is put into preparing your communications. Printing, email, or your preferred type of delivery must be secure and reliable.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

You can be sure that your statements, contracts, agreements, product specifications, and billing documents are generated and delivered correctly, in the right place, at the right time.

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A few favorite features that are helping energy and utilities organizations succeed:

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Easy Template Design

Intuitive, non-codey template design takes place in Microsoft Word. You don't need to rely on your development team to make changes to your templates.

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Automated Document Production

You're likely dealing with very high volumes of communications. Automating their creation saves you time, resources, and a lot of manual labor... and guarantees accuracy, for each document, every time.

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Smart reusable content, allows you to build responsive reusable content libraries, reduce your template inventory, and accurately account for regional or state variations.

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