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Information & Communications Technology Automation

We're familiar with the challenges you face. We have helped others overcome them, and we can help you!

Make your statements of work and proposals stand out. Present your products and solutions to your clients quickly, accurately, and with confidence.

Guaranteed compliance

with top-scoring document automation software

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The documents you need... prepared quickly and accurately

As an ICT firm, you likely offer sophisticated and configurable software and hardware solutions. Your documents will need to keep up. They must be accurate, highly customizable, and clear and easy for your customers and colleagues to read.

Statements of work, proposals, and other services and sales documentation you create can be ready within minutes, and match exactly what you talked about with your prospective clients.

Your existing content – automated and easy to maintain

Your proposals, statements of work, and product and solution descriptions are likely already Microsoft Word documents. That means you should easily be ready to use our software straight away!

You can simply use your existing documents to create templates by layering automation right on top. All rules and calculations can be designed in natural language – our user interface is non-codey. Creating and maintaining templates is simple. No need to learn any syntax or programming language.

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Modular design and automatic updates

There is an easy way to keep your content up to date, even across thousands of templates, with a single click. How? Modular design!

We can help you create a library of content modules – we call these modules Snippets – that can be used across any number of documents and document types. Documents that reach your clients will always contain the latest, up-to-date and approved version of content and graphics. When you make changes in a Snippet, those changes are automatically applied across all the documents that use it.

Creating accurate documents for your clients can be easy and flexible with document automation.

Read about how some ICT organizations are solving their challenges:

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Dimension Data

Some documents used to take days to put together – now they are ready in minutes, and they always use consistent, approved language.

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Ricoh's sales team can quickly and easily customize proposals for each prospect, based on what that prospect is interested in.

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Documents that used to take weeks are put together in well under an hour. No more manual copy and paste, and no more accidental inconsistencies!

Handle with confidence

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Attachments and Document Merging

Your documents will be put together and delivered exactly as you need them.

For example, libraries of your existing product descriptions can be attached to automatically generated documents, and merged together into one final document – or delivered as separate attachments. You can set up business logic to ensure that correct attachments are always included automatically.

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Project Management and CRM Integration

Your existing CRM can feed data into the generated documents, including line items, proposed pricing, and other deal parameters.

For service-heavy projects, your project management software can send the right information straight to ActiveDocs. This ensures that the information presented to your clients is exactly what your project team are expecting to deliver.

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Product Documentation Management

If your offerings are highly customizable, your documents should be just as sophisticated.

Creating them can be simple. All product and service parameters can be linked with your ActiveDocs setup. Correct content will always be included in the output. For easy management, changes made in one place will be applied to all parts of documents that share that piece of content.

"We work with a lot of large software vendors and none of them listen and improve as quickly and readily as ActiveDocs."

Kris Hyman, Business Process Improvement & Workflow Automation at Ricoh.

Read the Case Study

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's top information and communnications technology organizations, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for ICT industries:

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Flexible Data Integration

Your existing systems likely took years of perfecting and fine-tuning. There is no need to change them when implementing document automation. Our software can slot right in.

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Timely Implementation

Implementation should structure around your precise specifications and requirements. We can help you plan it. We have a lot of experience, and know what works best.

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Reliable Support Services

Sometimes, an extra pair of hands makes all the difference. Our support team are knowledgeable and experienced, and are always happy to help.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

Your statements of work, proposals, contracts, catalogues, payment schedules, and other essential documents are always created and delivered correctly, where and when needed.

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A few favorite features that are helping ICT companies succeed:

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Rules Engine

With in-built business logic making content-related decisions, you can be confident that your documents are always compliant with business regulations.

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Advanced Email Delivery

You can automatically generate emails with rich, personalized content, branding-consistent formatting, and as many attachments as you like.

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Build libraries of pre-approved content, use it whenever and wherever required, and manage everything from one cental location.

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