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ActiveDocs Brochure

An overview of our software and its applications. Find out about its applications, integration, output, and compliance.


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Smarter Content Reuse

The Gold in Your Organization

Capturing expert knowledge and making it available in accessible form.


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Smarter Integration

Freeing IT and Putting Business Back in the Driving Seat

How business users and SMEs can take on configuration and maintenance of document production.


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ActiveDocs Performance Report

Our latest performance results, including load testing, document parameter combinations, and server monitoring.


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Artificial Intelligence and Document Automation

How a document automation product can become an AI document engine.


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Document Automation with Document Sets

What are Document Sets, and why are they the leading must-have in document automation?


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ActiveDocs eSignature Integration

Streamline the Process

Why document automation is the key to the best e-Signing outcomes.


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Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Strengthen Your Defenses

The three lines of organizational defence, and how four of our customers have strengthened theirs.


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Document Automation for SAP

Requirements of document automation for SAP, and how to achieve the highest return on investment.


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ActiveDocs SharePoint Integration Module

How to increase the value of your SharePoint platform with integrated document automation.


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Template Change Management and Compliance Auditing

Reducing risk exposure in medium and large enterprises.


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Software Solutions

Build vs. Buy

What to consider before deciding to build your own document automation solution.


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ActiveDocs vs. Word Mail Merge

A comparison of the capabilities of ActiveDocs and Microsoft Word Mail Merge.


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ActiveDocs or Microsoft Technologies for Document Automation?

A comparison of the document automation capabilities of ActiveDocs and a range of Microsoft technologies.


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ActiveDocs vs. Word

A comparison of the features and capabilities of ActiveDocs and Microsoft Word with emphasis on automation potential.


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ActiveDocs vs. InfoPath

A comparison of document generation capabilities of ActiveDocs and Microsoft Infopath.


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ActiveDocs System Requirements

System requirements of our latest software release.


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The Challenges of Automating Document Creation

An overview of the drivers and challeneges of document automation, and automating with ActiveDocs.


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The Document Lifecycle

And enhancing it with ActiveDocs

An overview of the document lifecycle, and how to best enhance it.


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Integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft CRM, and Other Applications

An overview of ActiveDocs integration options, with a focus on data sources, and applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and CRM.


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ActiveDocs Multi-Language Applications

The challenges associated with creating multi-language documents, and how ActiveDocs can help.


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Using ActiveDocs in Automated Mode

Other applications can use ActiveDocs to create documents. Here, we discuss how this is best done.


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Using ActiveDocs in User-Driven Mode

An overview of the many flexible ways users can make the most of ActiveDocs to create documents.


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Document Automation with ActiveDocs Opus

Business Quarterly 2008 Q3

One of our experts, Nick Chivers, discusses document automation and its relation to IT and business strategy.

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