Software Subscription or Software License

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Do you need Perpetual Licensing or a Software Subscription?

Deployment on-premise, in your data center, or in the cloud?

The choice is yours!

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Software as a Subscription

When you subscribe to ActiveDocs software, you contract with us to provide you the right to use the software for a given period of time, either quarterly or annually, with the option to renew the subscription.

The benefit of this approach is the smaller upfront investment and the flexibility of the licensing cost. You can adjust your licensing easily, up or down, adapting your subscription as your business needs change and without the upfront expenditure that traditional licensing purchases may incur.

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Perpetual License

When you purchase a perpetual software license you get the right to use the version of the software that you’ve got as long as you need to, without any time restrictions, in perpetuity.

The benefit of this option is that the total cost of ownership over the lifetime is lower. However, the upfront investment is higher than in the Software as a Subscription option.

Which one is right for you?

Perpetual license or subscription? Standard or cloud infrastructure?

  Software as a Subscription Perpetual License
Infrastructure as a Service
(AWS, Azure, Google Compute)
  • Flexible software cost
  • Flexible infrastructure cost
Good for variable user numbers and variable workloads, particularly if you only need the system to be online at defined times of the year.
  • Lowest long-term cost of software
  • Flexible infrastructures cost
Good for organizations who don’t run their own IT infrastructure or for periodical scheduled batch runs or as secondary high-volume systems to cover peak throughputs.
Standard infrastructure
(on-premise, data centers)
  • Flexible software cost
  • Leverages your existing IT infrastructure
Good when you need to fully control your infrastructure (e.g. for security or regulatory reasons) and need flexible licensing to support your variable document generation needs.
  • Lowest long-term cost of software
  • Leverages your existing IT infrastructure
Good when you require the highest degree of control and ownership – you have full control of the IT infrastructure and own the software license. This option also has the potential to have the lowest long-term cost of both software and the IT infrastructure if your systems are well utilized.

Our page about Deployment Options provides more technical details about the different ways of deploying ActiveDocs on standard or cloud infrastructure.

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With our flexible software purchase and deployment options you can decide whether you prefer capital expenditure (CAPEX) or operating expenditure (OPEX) to fund your investment.

A Software Subscription is typically classed as OPEX; purchase of perpetual software licenses as CAPEX.

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High flexibility, high confidence

You can use the flexibility of a Software Subscription to gain organization-wide confidence in ActiveDocs Software. After the Proof of Concept project, you may choose to minimize your initial investment and run a few document automation projects using the Software Subscription.

Once you’ve got full confidence in your document automation solution, you may decide to proceed to a larger organization-wide deployment and opt to buy perpetual software licenses to minimize long-term costs.

"The ActiveDocs system enables us to do everything we want."

Mariano Urguiza, CIO at Choice Legal Group.

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