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London March 28, 2019

ActiveDocs system serving 100+ countries migrated into Microsoft Azure at ABB

ActiveDocs announced today that ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, has migrated its global deployment of ActiveDocs into Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Overland Park January 15, 2019

A $50 billion private equity firm implements ActiveDocs

ActiveDocs announced today that HarbourVest is implementing ActiveDocs to automate generation of financial statements. HarbourVest is one of the largest private equity investment managers globally.

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Overland Park November 6, 2018

ActiveDocs technology underpins a successful multi-billion dollar sale

ActiveDocs announced today that a spin-off company created by one of ActiveDocs’ clients was sold to an insurance market leader. Our client, who created the spin-off, was a new entrant into this market.

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Overland Park October 10, 2018

Platinum anniversary of gold standard: Celebrating 20 years of ActiveDocs’ partnership with Microsoft

ActiveDocs is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Microsoft. ActiveDocs participated in the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider program even before the existing program was launched in 2000.

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Overland Park September 6, 2018

Underwriting with Confidence: A $5 billion US based Commercial Property Insurer improves efficiency with ActiveDocs

ActiveDocs, the confident choice of large companies for document automation success, announced today that a large commercial property insurer in the United States has deployed ActiveDocs Opus.

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London August 7, 2018

Scania Finance Great Britain automates hire agreements and leasing documentation

ActiveDocs announced today that Scania Finance Great Britain has implemented ActiveDocs for automated generation of hire, lease, and hire purchase agreements for its operations in the United Kingdom. The deployment followed a thorough evaluation process, including a Proof-of-Concept (POC) project.

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Overland Park July 3, 2018

Crius Energy communicates with 1.5 million clients using ActiveDocs

ActiveDocs announced today that Crius Energy, an international provider of electricity and energy-related services, has deployed ActiveDocs to improve the efficiency and compliance of its document processes.

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Brisabane June 5, 2018

Court Services Victoria deploys ActiveDocs for County Court and Civil Tribunal

ActiveDocs announced today that Court Services Victoria (CSV, in Melbourne, Australia) is deploying ActiveDocs Opus for template management and document generation.

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Overland Park May 1, 2018

Latest ActiveDocs Opus Raptor Update Features

ActiveDocs Limited today announced the latest updates to its ActiveDocs Opus (Raptor release) Document Automation and Template Management solution. New features include Microsoft Excel Worksheet automation, integration with DocuSign™ e-Signature, extended Document Set functionality, Advanced Email Delivery options, and others.

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Kansas City September 18, 2017

A major shopping center company generates leases and controls roundtripping with ActiveDocs

A major shopping center company in the USA has implemented ActiveDocs Opus to achieve consistency between its lease management system (LMS) and its contractual documentation.

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Kansas City August 15, 2017

Faster delivery of products to market: a major insurer chooses ActiveDocs

One of the world’s largest insurers chose ActiveDocs Opus for a “next generation” project, with the intent to bring new products to market faster.

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Kansas City July 3, 2017

International insurance provider generates SEC Rule 498 compliant documents with ActiveDocs

A leading global insurer, provider of unit-linked life assurance and private placement insurance for high net worth individuals and institutions, has chosen ActiveDocs Opus to automate its document production process.

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Kansas City June 14, 2017

A major Canadian cable TV and network provider will generate tens of thousands of contracts with ActiveDocs in the cloud

This will enable the organization to meet the increasing compliance requirements of Canada’s telecommunications industry

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Brisbane April 5, 2017

Northern Territory Government will generate Quote and Tender requisition request and response document sets with ActiveDocs

This will enable it to meet stringent public sector obligations regarding transparency and compliance in purchasing via its Tender Documents Online initiative.

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Hong Kong March 7, 2017

Cigna Worldwide Insurance migrating over six thousand legacy templates into ActiveDocs

Cigna are transitioning over six thousand templates from their legacy print solution into ActiveDocs. As part of this ongoing multi-year project, the templates across all product lines are being consolidated and rationalized.

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