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Printing press printing out a newspaper

J. Edgar Hoover building, the headquarters of the FBI.

Overland Park January 24, 2024

Search Warrant Creation Automated at the FBI

Less time spent on administration means more time for investigation.

Document and Hands.

Auckland July 04, 2023

Rothbury Deploys ActiveDocs for Proposal Generation

Rapid generation of policy documents, seamlessly integrated with existing applications.

Gold bullions.

London December 15, 2022

WealthWorks build a sophisticated end-to-end wealth management platform with ActiveDocs

WealthWorks has deployed ActiveDocs to generate documents for its WealthWorks+ platform.

Pen signing documents.

Brisbane July 26, 2022

A leading intellectual property law firm automates correspondence with ActiveDocs

FB Rice, a top tier leading Australian Intellectual Property law firm, implemented ActiveDocs across their business.

Smile with perfect teeth.

Overland Park May 11, 2022

Dental Insurance Sales and Client-facing documentation automated at Dominion National

Dominion National has selected and deployed ActiveDocs to automate documentation of their dental and vision insurance plans.

Two tractors on a field

Overland Park November 10, 2021

One of the largest operators in USA’s rural finance sector generates business critical documents with ActiveDocs

One of the largest financial services providers in the USA’s rural sector, has deployed ActiveDocs to generate documentation for all of its loans, leases and other financial services.

Milford Sound

Auckland March 29, 2021

Resilience and 4x increase in efficiency at Milford Asset Management

The $12 billion asset management firm has deployed ActiveDocs to scale their business.

Power Plant building against a clear blue sky.

London February 15, 2021 Updated

High-Value Document Precision at Hitachi ABB Power Grids

The technology leader Hitachi ABB Power Grids plans to leverage ActiveDocs document automation.

White paper planes flying with a backdrop of blue sky, with one red plane flying above the rest.

Auckland August 19, 2020

ActiveDocs Releases the Latest Generation of Document Automation Software

Building on 28 years of document automation expertise.

American football players in the field.

Kansas City June 9, 2020

Efficient Business Expansion for Learfield IMG College

This communications specialist with a number of subsidiaries operating across the US, needed a more efficient way to create documents to allow it to efficiently expand business.

Businessman working at a wooden desk.

London June 2, 2020

Excellent Customer Communications for Leading Insurance Broker

A major insurance broker has chosen ActiveDocs document automation software to create and deliver its region-specific communications.

Street on fire

Kansas City May 26, 2020

Forensic Experts Maximize Time in the Field

A world leader in forensic engineering and consulting has chosen ActiveDocs document automation software to improve the creation of field reports and other essential documents across its business.

Lit up laptop with blue light in a dark room.

London May 19, 2020

Guaranteed Document Compliance for a Cybersecurity Expert

Insta DefSec, a cybersecurity specialist with strict document regulations, selected ActiveDocs to solve production challenges of the company’s critical service and solution documentation.

Racing car in red, white, and black, and ActiveDocs branding stickers on it.

Auckland May 1, 2020

ActiveDocs Designer Now Performs up to 10 Times Faster

The new ActiveDocs document automation software update lets you design more powerful templates, in less time. Apart from saving time, the update also offers enhanced security and integration capabilities.

Collage of cityscapes for ActiveDocs global offices: London, Auckland, Kansas City, Brisbane

Worldwide March 23, 2020

ActiveDocs sets up virtual offices globally while physical locations temporarily shut down

Like many other global businesses, ActiveDocs is taking steps to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) worldwide. As always, we are happy to help you virtually.

Munich cityscape

Munich March 22, 2020

ActiveDocs gets top scores in independent document automation study

The Technical University of Munich tested a range of document automation tools used by the legal industry. Their findings show that ActiveDocs continues to be a top provider of document automation software.

Interior of a red Corvette

Kansas City August 21, 2019

$30 billion auto insurer drives document automation with ActiveDocs

As part of the deployment, ActiveDocs will be integrated with a number of the insurer’s IT systems. ActiveDocs will produce forms tailored to the regulatory requirements of each state without the need to unnecessarily duplicate content.

Container ship at sea

London July 17, 2019

Market Leading Insurer deploys ActiveDocs for document success

ActiveDocs announced today that an international provider of market leading insurance services for maritime transportation industry has deployed ActiveDocs to generate a range of insurance documents across multiple lines of their business.

Glass and concrete commercial building.

Kansas City June 11, 2019

A large US commercial property insurer expands their ActiveDocs solution to generate millions of high-value documents

A large commercial property insurer embarked on a significant expansion of their ActiveDocs systems, following the success of the initial company-wide deployment two years ago.

Solar panels and a blue sky with some fluffy clouds

London March 28, 2019

ActiveDocs system serving 100+ countries migrated into Microsoft Azure at ABB

ActiveDocs announced today that ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, has migrated its global deployment of ActiveDocs into Microsoft Azure cloud. The system produces documents in more than 20 languages, helping ABB staff keep documents accurate worldwide.

Bronze safety deposit boxes

Overland Park January 15, 2019

A $50 billion private equity firm implements ActiveDocs

HarbourVest is one of the largest private equity investment managers globally. Their goal was to improve financial statement creation, ensuring accuracy and compliance while reducing the associated effort. ActiveDocs document automation software was implemented immediately following the Proof-of-Concept project.

Evening Skyline

Overland Park November 6, 2018

ActiveDocs technology underpins a successful multi-billion dollar sale

ActiveDocs announced today that a spin-off company created by one of ActiveDocs’ clients was sold to an insurance market leader. Our client, who created the spin-off, was a new entrant into this market and quickly built their own substantial client base, rapidly establishing technological superiority.

People in suits shaking hands

Overland Park October 10, 2018

Platinum anniversary of gold standard: Celebrating 20 years of ActiveDocs’ partnership with Microsoft

ActiveDocs participated in the Microsoft Certified Solution Provider program even before the existing program was launched in 2000, with our staff completing relevant accreditation. Soon after, ActiveDocs attained the prestigious Gold level partnership.

Old fashioned calculator

Overland Park September 6, 2018

A $5 billion US Commercial Property Insurer improves efficiency with ActiveDocs

A large insurer in the United States has deployed ActiveDocs document automation software. The software will be an integral part of their new, companywide platform for underwriting of complex, high-value, commercial property related risks, targeting the mid-market of commercial property insurance nationwide.

Trucks, bird's eye view

London August 7, 2018

Scania Finance Great Britain automates hire agreements and leasing documentation

ActiveDocs announced today that Scania Finance Great Britain has implemented ActiveDocs for automated generation of hire, lease, and hire purchase agreements for its operations in the United Kingdom.

Power pole against a blue sky

Overland Park July 3, 2018

Crius Energy communicates with 1.5 million clients using ActiveDocs

ActiveDocs announced today that Crius Energy, an international provider of electricity and energy-related services, has deployed ActiveDocs. This will help Crius to improve the efficiency and compliance of their document processes.

Person signing a legal document

Brisbane June 5, 2018

Court Services Victoria deploys ActiveDocs for County Court and Civil Tribunal

ActiveDocs announced today that Court Services Victoria (CSV, in Melbourne, Australia) is deploying ActiveDocs Opus for template management and document generation.

Raptor type of dinosaur in a green setting

Overland Park May 1, 2018

Latest ActiveDocs Opus Raptor Update Features

ActiveDocs Limited today announced the latest updates to its ActiveDocs Opus (Raptor release) software.

New features include Microsoft Excel Worksheet automation, integration with DocuSign™ e-Signature, extended Document Set functionality, Advanced Email Delivery options, and many other must-have capabilities in document automation.

Shiny shopping center interior

Kansas City September 18, 2017

A major shopping center company generates leases and controls roundtripping with ActiveDocs

A major shopping center company in the USA has implemented ActiveDocs to achieve consistency between its lease management system (LMS) and its contractual documentation. The solution controls the negotiation and roundtripping process, automatically generating accurate leasing contracts.

Yellow umbrella

Kansas City August 14, 2017

Faster delivery of products to market: a major insurer chooses ActiveDocs

One of the world’s largest insurers chose ActiveDocs for a “next generation” project, with the intent to bring new products to market faster. Having already been widely used by the company, ActiveDocs was selected from their portfolio of document automation and CCM products, based on the need to deliver complex templates in short timeframes.

Man in a beige suit walking in front of a beautiful building

Kansas City July 3, 2017

International insurance provider generates SEC Rule 498 compliant documents with ActiveDocs

A leading global insurer, provider of unit-linked life assurance and private placement insurance for high net worth individuals and institutions, has chosen ActiveDocs to automate its document production process. The solution compiles documents compliant with the strict Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.

White satellite dish against a very blue sky, on top of a pink building

Kansas City June 14, 2017

A major Canadian cable TV and network provider will generate tens of thousands of contracts with ActiveDocs in the cloud

This will enable the organization to meet the increasing compliance requirements of Canada’s telecommunications industry. The solution utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for reliability, performance and ease of maintenance, and can be used directly by business users.

Gold sand beach and a very blue sky

Brisbane April 5, 2017

Northern Territory Government will generate Quote and Tender requisition request and response document sets with ActiveDocs

This will enable the government to meet stringent public sector obligations. These obligations regard, among other things, transparency and compliance in purchasing via the Government's Tender Documents Online initiative, generating thousands of documents annually.

Skyline of Hong Kong

Hong Kong March 7, 2017

Cigna Worldwide Insurance migrating over six thousand legacy templates into ActiveDocs

Cigna are transitioning over six thousand templates from their legacy print solution into ActiveDocs. As part of this ongoing multi-year project, the templates across all product lines are being consolidated and rationalized.

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