ActiveDocs Modules

The latest generation of the widely installed ActiveDocs document automation software.

ActiveDocs is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and leverages the power and familiarity of Microsoft Word. It's the fifth generation of the widely installed ActiveDocs product, and provides a comprehensive set of components for document design, composition, automation, and delivery.

ActiveDocs Modules

A modular approach

ActiveDocs modules are organized in an interlocking architecture which is easy to install and maintain. The modules expand the core capabilities of ActiveDocs to provide additional functionality and capabilities for integration with enterprise-wide applications such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems or the apps you use on your computer – like Word or Outlook.

ActiveDocs AdminCenter Icon

ActiveDocs AdminCenter

A secure, intuitive interface for configuring your ActiveDocs solution. Your administrators can easily set up and configure your solution, manage permissions, and access reports and statistics straight from their browser, lightening the load for your IT department, and giving you greater, more responsive control.

ActiveDocs Server Icon

ActiveDocs Server

The core of the ActiveDocs product suite that functions as the engine for either the Fully Automated or the User-Driven document creation processes. With the addition of the other ActiveDocs modules, we can work with you to design a solution that best meets your specific business needs.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter Icon

ActiveDocs WorkCenter

Web-based application interface specifically developed to make it simple to access your templates and create documents, and to manage versioning, approval workflows, document delivery, and all work-in-progress and finalized documents.

ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client Icon

ActiveDocs WorkCenter Client

Expands the functionality of ActiveDocs WorkCenter, enabling you to manage and audit templates, and to identify the linkage of rules and business logic across hundreds or thousands of Templates, so that you can make fully informed changes to content with confidence.

ActiveDocs Designer Icon

ActiveDocs Designer

An extension of Microsoft Word and Excel for the creation, maintenance, and management of intelligent, automated Templates. Designers can build sophisticated templates using any number of data sources, rules, and calculations – without any code. Templates, rules, and calculations can be defined through a user-friendly graphical interface, and tested and deployed immediately.

ActiveDocs AdminCenter Icon

ActiveDocs Office Integration

Smoothly integrates ActiveDocs functionality into your Microsoft Office applications. It enables you to create new emails, and respond to incoming email communication with ActiveDocs Templates from within Outlook. It also lets you use your Snippet (clause) library in any Microsoft Word document.

ActiveDocs Solutions Studio Icon

ActiveDocs Solutions Studio

Toolkit designed for developers to integrate ActiveDocs functionality into your solutions, systems, and processes. It provides access to the ActiveDocs API, enabling seamless integration for both the Fully Automated and the User-Driven solutions.

ActiveDocs Automated Document Production Icon

ActiveDocs Automated Document Production

Used for batch and on-demand Automated Document Production, where no user input is required at the time of document generation. Easily integrated into incumbent systems, used in conjunction with the ActiveDocs Solution Studio this can generate more than 150,000 documents an hour, entirely automatically.

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