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ActiveDocs is document automation software for large organizations.

It guarantees communication confidence all around the world.


Our software helps you guarantee document and communications compliance.

You can have certainty that your documents will be created correctly, the first time.


ActiveDocs is structured for flexibility.

You can automate your document production with confidence, and adapt and expand the solution as your requirements evolve.

Customer focus

We are singularily focused on our customers' success.

We are constantly improving our software based on our customers' feedback and recommentations. It ensures we future proof their investment in our software.

"The ActiveDocs system enables us to do everything we want."

Mariano Urguiza, CIO at Choice Legal Group.

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Future-proof your business

ActiveDocs allows you to capture and reuse expert knowledge, and reduce document handling time.

You can be in full control of the content and presentation of your high-value documents, giving you the guarantee that they are always compliant with the latest rules and regulations.

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ActiveDocs can introduce logic-driven decision making into your document processes, automating knowledge work that would otherwise require human intervention.

You can choose the level of automation you want. Our software can help guide users through questionnaires, it can completely automate your document production to eliminate human interaction, or anything in between.

Our software is a brilliant choice for companies with high-value documents because it enables them to automate with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

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Intinutive for all users

Business users and subject matter experts can easily use the software to design and maintain the templates they need, without involving IT developers.

You can incorporate multiple data sources, manage intricate workflows, and apply custom business rules simply and intuitively.

Using ActiveDocs templates for document automation means that you don't need to write any code.

No-code template automation with ActiveDocs

Here is how our software compares with other automation solutions:

  High coding requirement
Bespoke or internal IT builds
Low coding requirement
Large CCM or alternative solutions
No coding requirement
Templates created with ActiveDocs
User skills IT Developers. IT Developers, business users, subject matter experts (SMEs.) Business users, SMEs.
Content Coded in HTML or other syntax. Content edited in WYSIWYG editors, automation and questionnaires require code. Content and automation editable by business users in a simple, easy to understand interface.
Implementation Long implementation times, programmers replicate the content defined by SMEs in code. Implementation of solutions requires less time than code-based solutions. However, extra time is spent coordinating the work between SMEs and programmers to ensure all changes are synchronized. Quick and accurate implementation. All content and its automation put in place directly by SMEs who have in-depth understanding of business requirements.
Time to market Months. Weeks. Hours.
Data and fields Coded into the template, difficult to maintain.

Resource intensive and error prone due to reliance on code without the ability to have overall insights into data connection and field library.
Connection to data requires code. Integration layer needs to provide data to the system. Each change in a template’s data connection requirements or fields needs changes to the integration layer.

Time consuming implementation and maintenance, requires programmers.
Templates can be connected to data through a simple user interface.

Business users and SMEs have access to the defined data repositories. They can connect them to templates, and dynamically filter as needed. New data connections can be established through a simple wizard-driven process.
Rules and business logic Needs to be coded into individual templates. Difficult to create reusable rules and logic.

Cumbersome maintenance, long implementation times, and difficult troubleshooting.
Some definitions of rules in templates or questionnaires need to be implemented in code.

Time consuming to inspect and maintain rules that are coded in templates. Limited or non-existent reuse and centralized maintenance ability.
Template and questionnaire rules and logic defined through natural language.

Centralized management of rules, easy reuse within and across templates.
Template Management Content is managed on a level of code typically not accessible to business users.

This makes maintenance difficult and can lead to outdated content that is not identified.
Elements of content based in code are not accessible to business users.

Typically no template management component, so no ability to review of the entirety of the content.

Review of coded parts done by programmers, which means that SMEs don't have a comprehensive view into the system.
Template management environment enables all round review and maintenance by business users (SMEs).

The user has the ability to manage everything in a single, intuitive environment.

Our customers' success

Every business is unique, and each company has different needs.
Here's how some of our customers have benefitted from deploying ActiveDocs as their solution:

ABB Case Study

ABB's team enjoy seamless integration. They access document automation from existing interfaces that their teams across the world are already familiar with.

CoBank Case Study

After working together with the ActiveDocs team, CoBank reduced their inventory from 350 down to a much more manageable 83 templates.

Cigna Case Study

Deployed in Automated Mode, ActiveDocs replaced all six of Cigna's previous disparate systems, hugely simplifying maintenance.

For more examples of real-life ActiveDocs deployment, check out our other case studies.

"The ActiveDocs application together with the hard work of the project team was the core reason for the excellent outcome."

Hans Wolf, CIO at Victoria Legal Aid.

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