Creating Documents

Get your business-critical documents right, every time.

The document lifecycle

Every document has a lifespan. ActiveDocs deals with the birth of documents – the production of documents that previously didn’t exist. Sitting at the heart of your organization, ActiveDocs prepares your documents for the wider world.

Depending on your organization and vertical, the rest of each document’s life will look very different. We make sure that the documents your organization depends on have the best possible start – that you get it right, the first time.


Document lifecycle diagram - creation of accurate documents with ActiveDocs, handling by ECM, DMS, and CRM

Document creation

Documents created with ActiveDocs are based on your intelligent templates, as designed by you. Document automation with ActiveDocs offers you a lot of flexibility, while enabling you to maintain compliance. Documents can be generated in several ways:


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Fully automated

Systems produce the documents you require, based on the templates you created, with no additional user input. This is done by passing an XML stream specifying templates, data, output formats, and delivery instructions to the ActiveDocs Web Service. This XML stream is processed by ActiveDocs, merging the supplied answer data with the requested templates.

This fully automated process can be invoked manually or automatically – users can request it at any time, or it can be triggered by your applications. Fully automated document production is the ideal solution when your source information comes from a line of business system, and requires no additional user input. Your business-critical documents simply create themselves, always correctly, and are delivered to the right place at the right time.


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Business users provide the information required to produce documents by progressing through a responsive questionnaire built by ActiveDocs. The questionnaire is based on the templates you created, and is presented directly to the business user, prompting them for only the relevant information. Calculations, user input, and business logic are evaluated in real time.

The questionnaire is a step-by-step interview process that can be triggered from inside other applications. ActiveDocs integrates seamlessly with your existing environment, so your business users never have to leave the comfort of the systems they are accustomed to.


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Anything in between

You can combine full automation and the user-driven process to form a solution that suits your particular needs.

Many of our customers use this approach to handle exceptions in ther document generation processes that may require user input. This way, they can rely on a stable document automation solution, confident that anything out of the ordinary will be caught by ActiveDocs and passed on to the right person to handle the case.


Document formats

Once ready, your documents can be saved in a range of out-of-the-box formats. These include:

  • Microsoft Word (OOXML – DOCX, DOCM)
  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • DOC
  • PDF (including PDF following archival and accessibility standards)
  • XPS
  • ODT
  • RTF
  • XML
  • Named Drivers

You can specify the formatting options that match your requirements, and set up any additional custom formats via ActiveDocs Delivery Channels. This gives you the flexibility to build the exact solution you need.

Storage and handling

Storage and handling of your documents is flexible – ActiveDocs will do whatever you like with your ready documents. This includes:

  • Web Services
  • File system
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • WebDAV-compliant applications

Documents can be stored in and retrieved from locations other than ActiveDocs' in-built database. This opens up new possibilities for post-creation handling of documents. Information within the documents themselves can be used to make intelligent decisions about their onward handling.


Where do you want your documents delivered? Just let ActiveDocs know. Some of the standard destinations our customers use are:

  • Print
  • Email
  • Web Services
  • Fax
  • Wide range of storage locations

Delivery URLs and paths can be calculated dynamically upon assembly of documents, based on your data and business logic.

ActiveDocs recognizes your existing services, and allows you to build custom queues that use these services. Delivery can be configured for immediate or timed action to suit your business requirements.

"We can run thousands of documents in a short time, versus our previous manual process that could take weeks."

Carrie Shomsky, Director of Application Development & Support for NRECA's Employee Benefits website.

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