ActiveDocs Architecture

You can have confidence in our software working as part of your solution.

ActiveDocs is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). It uses a SQL Server database, and supports industry standard XML. Utilizing open standards, ActiveDocs can operate across a range of separate or connected environments. This makes it easy to implement, configure, and maintain your solution – exactly in the way you want.

ActiveDocs Components

ActiveDocs modules come together to create your high-value documents.



ActiveDocs is architected for compatibility. It works with other applications, and in multi-system environments. The open API means you can seamlessly connect ActiveDocs into your existing infrastructure. You can customize the look and feel of our software, or fully integrate it into your environment to fit your requirements.


Choose the security model that works for you. You can configure authentication with Windows Active Directory, including ADFS, and Single Sign-on via SAML 2.0. Our software also supports simple username and password, and even completely custom authentication methods, while authorization offers high granularity of user privileges.

Cloud or Premise

Your organization can keep the solution on-premise, or confidently move everything to the cloud. By deploying ActiveDocs in the cloud, you retain full access to the complete set of features available on-premise. You are fully in control of your system, all of your data, and access privileges.


Work Productively, On-site or Remotely

Even if you host your ActiveDocs instance in a physically remote data center, private AWS, Azure, or other private cloud, or just work from home on slower connections, your users will still be able to work productively. ActiveDocs is optimized to work on connections with higher latency. You can be flexible with your solution architecture, without compromising on productivity.

Scalability – Up and Out

You can easily scale ActiveDocs up through multi-threading, leveraging multi-core server environments. You can scale our software out to a multi-server environment. ActiveDocs enhances that environment by supporting the optional separation of website, database, and document services. Additional document assembly, document conversion, and file conversion and delivery servers can be added to the live environment to maximize performance as and when required. Scalability in both directions makes it easy to fine-tune your solution as you grow.

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