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We're familiar with your challenges. Let us help you solve them.

We can show you how to ensure high accuracy, increased responsiveness, and better service and efficiency by improving the way you create your business documents.

Guaranteed compliance

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Precise product configuration and sales documents made easy

You can ensure that your documents always reflect your product configurator with 100% accuracy. Simply connect your product configurator with ActiveDocs software, and generate your sales and product documents programmatically.

The latest wording of all relevant descriptions, and all associated product parameters, will be included automatically – this means you no longer need to worry about precision in all your communications!

Quality management documentation

From presenting measurements in a report form, to maintaining the full body of your ISO 9000 series or other quality management certifications – we can help you ensure that your documentation meets the highest standards.

Generate and maintain your content with confidence, without losing the flexibility to customize it as needed. Reports can contain individual item data, or consolidated data per batch or a given period. Because our software lets you make edits in one place, keeping your quality management certification documents updated is more accurate, and takes less time.

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Product experts maintain the content

Your product experts, and other subject matter experts, can create and maintain document content and its automation. No need to rely on help from the IT team.

All source content in ActiveDocs is managed in Microsoft Word, as are all layers of automation. If you use Microsoft Word, that means your team are already familiar with that environment, and should be able to jump straight into automation. Similarly, your documents can likely be imported straight into the software.

Creating accurate documents for your clients can be easy and flexible with document automation.

These industry and manufacturing leaders are solving their challenges with automation:


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Deployed in 90 countries, ActiveDocs helps ABB staff create consistent and accurate documents in multiple lanugages

The completed documents are instantly made available in ABB's interface, and all users of the case then see what has been created.

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Business users can quickly and easily create standard documents as needed, straight from SharePoint.

Each user can focus on the subject matter they specialize in, while the content and template selection are handled by the integrated solution.


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Support for Multiple Languages

It's likely that you, like most manufacturers, sell your products in multiple countries. We can help you simplify the creation of the required content across any number of languages.

Multi-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc.) are supported, as is right-to-left writing. The centralized content management capabilities we offer make it easy to maintain a number of language variations.

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Enforced Compliance with Standards and Regulations

Maintaining and enforcing compliance with standards and regulations is simpler with one centralized library of content.

Your documentation experts will have a single access point to your documents, with a 360 degree view of the process You can track changes and versions, and roll back to previous versions if necessary. You can also see who made what change, and when – both to content and automation – so that you always know what's going on.

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All Your Document Elements!

No more digging through messy folder structures, and no more sneaky duplicate documents! Your documents can be maintained simply, so that you always know what's going on.

If your product comes in a number of variations, you don't need to duplicate the content. You can use our Snippetsreusable modules – to make any updates just once. Your changes will appear in all the relevant places.

"ActiveDocs offers flexible and powerful features for document automation."

Automation Tool Research Team, Technical University of Munich.

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's industry and manufacturing leaders, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for the industry and manufacturing sector:

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Fully Programmatic Documents

You can create documents entirely without manual input. Simply specify everything according to your precise requirements, and set and forget. Your documents will generate and deliver themselves.

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Structured Implementation

Introducing any new software has an impact on your digital ecosystem. We can help you structure the process in the most efficient way. We have over 25 years of experience, and know what works best.

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Flexible Integration

You can build your idea solution, using the software that works best for you. ActiveDocs works alongside your other applications. We haven't yet found a product we couldn't integrate with.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

Your invoices, product information packets, contracts, proposals, and other essential documents and communications are always produced and delivered correctly, where and when needed.

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A few favorite features that are helping industry and manufacturing organizations succeed:

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Intuitive Template Design

Why involve the IT department, when you can easily do it yourself? Designing templates is non-codey, and takes place in Microsoft Word.

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Rules Engine

In-built business logic makes content-related decisions, so you can be confident that your documents are always compliant with business regulations.

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Multi Language Capabilities

Communicate with confidence, all around the world. Use the language you are comfortable with to generate documents in your audiences' choice of languages.

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