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Legal & Judiciary Automation

We're familiar with the challenges you face, and we solve them effectively.

Let us help you gain complete control over your content, eliminate human error, and ensure efficiency across all communications.

Independently verified as a top automation provider for the legal industry

A 2020 independent document automation study by the Technical University of Munich showed that ActiveDocs continues to be a top provider of document automation software for legal firms and organizations.

According to the research team, "ActiveDocs is a powerful tool with a high degree of customization and reusability." We outranked our competitors in the majority of categories.

Document automation that can work with your chosen technology

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Connect to your existing systems

You likely already have your legal tech platforms all set up. Why not use this? We can help you integrate efficient document automation into your existing systems.

Whether you use iManage, Microsoft Office 365, Alfresco, or another management platform, ActiveDocs integrates with everything. Alongside our flexible API, we offer a range of out-of-the-box connectors for widely-used applications like DocuSign, Outlook, Salesforce, and SharePoint, to make the setup of your automation solution even simpler!

Effortless, out-of-the-box clause libraries

Most legal practices and judiciary bodies regularly work with large numbers of legal clauses. We can help you manage them efficiently, and use them with ease.

You can manage and track usage of thousands of clauses, with secure, permissions-based access. Your clause library can contain static and automated clauses.

Whenever you edit each automated clause, it's easy to see how the automation within it actually works. Neatly presented graphical information – instead of complicated rules and fields codes – gives you a clear overview of the logic within each clause.

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Secure approval processes,
guaranteed data accuracy

No matter who in your team is putting together your documents, we can help you make sure that they use only the correct and up-to-date version of your content and data.

Approval processes provide an extra layer of security. Individual components, or entire document packets, can be subjected to review workflows with permissions-based access to editing and approval capability. That way, you can be sure your trainees and junior staff are able to draft accurate content with confidence – and the appropriate senior staff still get the final sign-off.

You can be certain that your documents are always in line with business standards and regulations, and use the correct data and the most recent information.

We can help you make document creation a smooth and efficient processs through document automation.

Handle with confidence

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Clause Library Management

No matter how extensive your clause library, and regardless of how complex your clauses, everything can be managed centrally for easy use and maintenance.

Our technology lets you categorize and search your clauses, automatically insert them based on business logic, or insert them manually, into any Word document or email.

Once in place, each clause will display accurately and fit in with its given context to form a cohesive, correctly formatted and branded output.

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Simple Automation Mark-up

You don't need to know code, remember any specific syntax, or manually type up fields. You can work inside Microsoft Word, with automation simply layered on top of your existing documents.

It's as quick as selecting the elements you need, building business rules in natural language, and applying them to selected text or document components.

Our customers tell us that their users really like the straightforward mark-up and non-codey design – it's easy on the eyes and simple to understand.

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Training and Approval

With ActiveDocs, senior partners are able to provide trainees and associate colleagues with a controlled framework for document creation. This way, junior staff can learn your comapny's correct procedures, without the stress of accidentally sending out erroneous communications.

Staff work with data that is 100% in line with your data repositories, and with templates and clauses pre-approved by more experienced colleagues. Review and approval cycles ensure quality control by the right people, according to your firm's regulations and requirements.

"The more files a recovery manager can handle the more profitable they become. A large part of their job can be tedious document creation. If we can increase their productivity and reduce the tedium, it’s a win-win situation."

Steve Low, CIO at Consolidated Civil Enforcement Limited.

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's top legal and judiciary organizations, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for legal and judiciary organizations:

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Secure Approval Process

Precision and stringent attention to detail are of paramount importance for your emails, attachments, and all other documents.

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Centralized Content Management

With your templates, documents, and customer data scattered across different systems, centralized management would make your life easier.

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Outlook Integration

Create emails and use approved clauses from your library directly in Outlook. Integration is simple. ActiveDocs becomes a handy tool in the Outlook toolbar.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

Affidavits, writs, licenses, SEC filings – and all your other essential documentation – can be automated for guaranteed compliance and maximum efficiency.

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Read about how some legal and judiciary organizations are solving their challenges:

Court Services of Victoria logo

Texas Conference of Urban Counties

Automated, web-based production of legal documents, with an accurate output specific to each jurisdiction.

Victoria Legal Services logo

Victoria Legal Aid

Accurate, content-approved documents for 300+ lawyers, with an average document production time of 2 seconds.

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Juvenile Justice Department in the USA

ActiveDocs began paying for itself immediately after implementation. Annual savings for just one process totalled $27,000.

Court Services of Victoria logo

Court Services Victoria

CSV can now route all their content via approved channels, to the correct recipients, and to the prescribed systems.

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Specialist IP Legal Firm

Easy user experience, and ensured compliance and consistency in the presentation and content of all documents.

Choice Legal Group logo.

Choice Legal Group

With the help of document automation, CLG easily creates three million perfect documents per year.

And here are a few favorite features that are helping them succeed:

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Easy and Flexible Integration

You can integrate with your existing software for consistent, seamless, and transparent user experience.

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Dynamic Attachments

Automatically add any separate, pre-existing documents, to your ActiveDocs-generated document packs.

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Build clause libraries, manage them centrally, and simply use what you need in your templates and documents.

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