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Australian Retail Bank

The powerful integration capability of ActiveDocs has resulted in an impressively smooth document generation process.



ActiveDocs works natively with Microsoft Word document formats. This ensured that the existing documents could be brought into the new system with 100% fidelity.


CoBank Professional Services

Overall, every ActiveDocs deadline was met and the entire project was delivered within 5% of budget.


Innovative Bank in the Southern Hemisphere

"The outcome has been extremely positive for the Lending Services Department who have been able to improve the document generation turn-around and reduce the resource required to produce these complex documents."


Business Operations


ActiveDocs document sets and adaptive workflows provide efficient and accurate client document generation at Employsure.

A world Leader in Forensic Engineering and Consulting

Less time typing, more time investigating: Forensic experts maximize time in the field with automated report production.

Major Shopping Center Company in the USA

Round-tripping control and accuracy enforcement for heavily negotiated lease contracts achieved with ActiveDocs.


The Response Group

ActiveDocs eliminated reliance on subject matter knowledge and long hours spent processing data, copying and pasting, and editing Microsoft Word documents.


Silver Fern Farms

"The implementation of our quality documents solution has shown that ActiveDocs is a key piece of our content management puzzle. It works seamlessly with the SharePoint and Nintex products. It’s been gratifying to me that that it’s worked so well, and this solution provides a good template for the future."


Energy and Utilities

BP International

Seamless integration with existing systems and data sources dramatically reduced the time needed for deployment of the document automation solution. The business user can utilize data from SAP and other corporate repositories, and can create documents without the need to involve the IT team in the process of document generation or template creation.


International Energy Technology Specialist

The powerful ActiveDocs Rules Engine and integration with existing data sources ensure that document content and data are accurate, compliant, and fit for purpose.


Major US Energy Provider

The solution enables generation of documents for all 12 of the customer's different, state-specific brands, while allowing the content to be managed centrally by business users, without any unnecessary duplication or reliance on IT developers.


Royal Dutch Shell

"Lack of automation to implement business rules… proliferation of hundreds of templates… business rules implemented as written instructions…"

ActiveDocs made it possible to enforce compliance and remove risk from complex HR transactions.


Shaw Communications

ActiveDocs enables Shaw Communications, a Canadian Cable and TV provider, to comply with the CRTC code of conduct for customer communication, making it simple to stay up to date with the most recent guidelines.



Callcredit Group

Reliance on manual templates and time-consuming manual document generation has been completely eliminated with ActiveDocs.


Farm Credit Services of America

"We're doing more business with the same number of people. We needed speed, volume and the flexibility to modify document creation processes to comply with regulations. We get all of that from ActiveDocs."


Irish Progressive Services International

The IPSI project has been another successful implementation of ActiveDocs, to enable existing systems to support business-critical processing while utilising state-of-the-art document automation.


Compeer Financial

“ActiveDocs has streamlined our document design process. Changes to our documents previously required the help of a developer but the designer tools allow us to make updates on our own resulting in faster turnarounds and fewer steps than we could before.”


Leading Insurance Broker

"Our customer immediately recognized the value that their ActiveDocs system delivered. They could see first-hand that ActiveDocs would be fit for purpose, and were confident in their live implementation of the end-to-end solution."


Major Insurance Funding Provider in the USA

Production and review of documentation is simplified, with little or no manual editing of output documents. The review process can now focus on special cases.


Milford Asset Management

Increased resilience and 4x gain in efficiency means that the rapid business expansion can be accommodated without additional hires.



"Interaction between the settlement and leasing teams is now seamless, as both teams can work through the ActiveDocs system knowing that they are working with and referencing a common and correct set of data."


Unit-linked Life and Private Placement Insurance Provider

ActiveDocs solution generates life assurance and private placement life insurance documents compliant with SEC Rule 498.



Australian State Government

The implementation of ActiveDocs for generation of complex requisition document sets allows this government to empower all its employees to participate in requisition generation while enabling efficient and effective review & approval.


Finnish Centre for Pensions

"We now have an overall solution where external processes, ActiveDocs, our Portal and Document Management are integrated. ActiveDocs fills well the role as the document creation, editing and template design & management solution."


Queensland Building and Construction Commission

ActiveDocs supports efficient, responsive document generation processes and template maintenance at QBCC.


Washington State Department of Ecology

"With ActiveDocs there’s one golden version of the language that everyone in the regional offices uses, so they’re always getting the correct content."




healthAlliance has become a model of how healthcare should be run in the 21st century, where the lean and efficient services organization supports medical professionals who deliver cutting-edge patient care.


New Directions Behavioral Health

"Our ActiveDocs implementation is part of our process of writing our own core systems then integrating them with products that handle complementary functions much better than we could on our own. It’s a perfect example of where we’re heading architecturally."


Regis Aged Care

ActiveDocs smart calculations, business rules, and optimized approval streamline resident document generation for Regis.


Industry and Manufacturing


The powerful ActiveDocs Rules Engine allows the automatic selection of Templates, optional content, shared content, external content, data, language, wording, and presentation; all the necessary touches that distinguish great documents from merely good ones.


Hitachi ABB Power Grids

ActiveDocs was selected for implementation at Hitachi ABB Power Grids based on their proven track record generating superb documents and providing powerful template management.


Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

The in-depth integration of ActiveDocs with SharePoint resulted in rapid deployment of the solution, and the intuitive environment of Microsoft Word that is used for template design made the conversion of existing documents into templates an uncomplicated task.


Information and Communications Technology

CoreLogic RP Data

Evaluation of the project has shown that ActiveDocs has reduced the time-to-market when creating new products, and when applying changes to existing ones. The solution has become a universal ‘vending machine’ for documents, which CoreLogic can use to build any type of report.


Dimension Data

Integrating CRM for customer information, MS Project for project data, and ActiveDocs for document generation enhances efficiency and accuracy for Dimension Data and releases valuable consultant time for higher value tasks.


Insta DefSec

Insta DefSec serves a hyper-vigilant market. This means the cyber security specialist has an incredibly high standard when it comes to the accuracy of its documents and communications.


Nexus IS

"With ActiveDocs we are better able to control the content that goes out to customers while strengthening our brand."



"It saves the sales people a lot of time. Eighty percent of the content they need is already created, so they just have to select and change it through the system. They can customize proposals for each prospect, depending on what the prospect is interested in."



ActiveDocs reduces days to minutes, improving efficiency and productivity in document generation at TechnologyOne.



Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand

Cigna’s business users appreciate how quickly changes to the product materials can be applied. As a result, the team […] is regularly approached by its business users for a broader application of the ActiveDocs solution.


Cigna Worldwide Life Insurance Company

Cigna deployed ActiveDocs in Automated Mode and set out to replace one legacy printing solution at a time. Over the duration of the project, all six disparate systems have been replaced, and thousands of legacy templates have been upgraded to ActiveDocs templates.


Delta Dental of Arkansas

"What used to take an hour now takes about 30 seconds. Changes that might have taken four-to-eight hours can now be done in minutes. No programmers are involved anymore. I can make changes without pulling developers off other projects."


Commercial Property Insurer in the USA

Updates used to take up to six weeks, confined to the standard three-week sprint release cycle of the legacy solution. These changes can now be implemented in a matter of minutes.


Liberty International Underwriters

ActiveDocs already automates document generation for the 20 most frequently used product lines, with more products and related documents added every day.


Liberty Mutual Insurance

"The nature of the product means that almost all documents are complex and often exceed a hundred pages. With ActiveDocs, our client can be sure that the content and formatting of documents will always adhere to the specified business rules, regardless of how many products form the policy, or how many options have been quoted in the proposal."


National Rural Electric Coopertative Association

"With ActiveDocs, we can quickly and easily do all the content merging that creates our documents. We can run thousands of documents in a short time, versus our previous manual process that could take weeks."


Legal and Judiciary

Choice Legal Group

Formerly Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson

"The ActiveDocs system enables us to do everything on the Web at a reasonable cost."


Cleary Hoare Solicitors

Cloud Documents-as-a-Service

Cleary Hoare’s customers can create and receive their highly complex legal documents within minutes instead of days and enjoy the convenience of payment by credit card.


Consolidated Civil Enforcement

"The more files a recovery manager can handle, the more profitable they become. A large part of their job can be tedious document creation. If we can increase their productivity and reduce the tedium, it’s a win-win situation."


Court Services Victoria

Integration between ActiveDocs, iManage, and K2 provides a consistent, seamless, and transparent user experience, easily adjustable to match – and thereby encompass and replace – existing non-automated processes.


Juvenile Justice Department in the USA

ActiveDocs began paying for itself in saved labor immediately after it was implemented. The process of compiling the juvenile detention meal distribution list, for example, was reduced to just a few key strokes.


Specialist Intellectual Property Legal Firm

"ActiveDocs provides a modern environment for our staff to create documents, without taking away our ability to control content. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use."


Texas Conference of Urban Counties

ActiveDocs helps Urban Counties juvenile justice system keep better track of minors in need of services.


Victoria Legal Aid

ActiveDocs integrates with Atlas Grants, Office 365, SharePoint Online, HR and CMS to create thousands of types of legal documents at VLA.

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