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Insurance & Automation

We're familiar with the challenges you face, and we know how to solve them.

Let us help you ensure high accuracy, increased responsiveness, and better service and efficiency across your business communications.

Efficiency from quote to claim

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Accurate quotes based on the latest, up to date information from your system, accounting for different packages, varied terms and limits, and state variations.

They can be delivered as email attachments, physical copies mailed to your clients, or displayed to them on your website or app for direct viewing.

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Your proposals can be put together efficiently, based on the latest information, previously provided quotes, and taking into account any changes, customizations, and renegotiations.

You can be confident that you and your clients have the same, up to date information, presented and delivered in line with your business needs.

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Outlines of coverage, policy wording, certificates of insurance, and other relevant documentation are assembled with precision.

They include all the additional details captured in the earlier stages of your client engagement, and are based on the quotes and proposals accepted by your clients.

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Provide your B2B clients with the right enrolment kits, at the right time.

These kits can include forms for employees at their selected level of coverage, delivered on paper, via email, or directly on the employer-facing insurance management portals.

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Your billing documents will include all the policy parameters, along with the information collected during enrolment.

You can define list bill grouping, and send out billing and invoices to your clients however and whenever suits you best.

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Handle many, many rounds of claims communications with ease and confidence.

Initial reporting, relevant disclosures, evaluation of loss, and notification of award can all be provable, traceable, and hassle-free.

We can help you solve challenges across the end-to-end process through document automation.

Handle with confidence

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State Variations

Deliver correct and customized state-specific documentation, every time. You can cater for variation in data, formatting, and delivery for each state according to state regulations and your business preference.

We can help you make reviewing and auditing those variations simple and traceable.

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On-board your clients with ease. We can help you set up a fully automated solution that interacts with your preferred actuarial and underwriting systems.

Evaluate risk of loss, refer to the appropriate limits, and include additional clauses, all based on the automated assessment of each case and the parameters provided by your clients.

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Content Rationalization

Reduce your forms inventory down to exactly what you need. We can help you put together a tidy, streamlined inventory, with all your forms and templates in one place.

A simplified set of templates is easier to keep up to date. Rationalizing your content lowers the cost of its maintenance, and offers an improved customer and employee experience.

"What used to take an hour now takes about 30 seconds. [...] No programmers are involved anymore. I can make changes without pulling developers off other projects."

Jimmy Anthony, Supervisor, Business Analyst at Delta Dental of Arkansas.

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's top insurance firms, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for insurance companies:

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Efficient Content Creation

There are so many documents to create, and a lot to think about. You have told us that making this process efficient is consistently one of your top priorities.

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Centralized Content Management

With your templates, clauses, documents, and customer data scattered across numerous systems, wouldn't it be great to have a single location for managing everything?

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Effective Printing Solution

So much care and effort is put into preparing your communications. Printing, email, or your preferred type of delivery must be secure and reliable.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

You can be sure that your quotes, proposals, policies, certificates, enrollments, and billing documents are generated and delivered correctly, in the right place, at the right time.

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Read about how some insurance providers are solving their challenges:

Cigna logo

Cigna Worldwide

Six legacy systems were replaced with a single solution – simplified maintenance, reduced cost.

Delta Dental logo

Delta Dental

"No programmers are involved anymore and I can make changes without pulling developers off other projects."

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Content and formatting always adhere to the specified business rules, regardless of how many products form the policy.

And here are a few favorite features that are helping them succeed:

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Smart reusable content, allows you to build responsive clause libraries, reduce your forms inventory, and accurately account for state variations.

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Easy Template Design

Intuitive, non-codey template design takes place in Microsoft Word. You don't need to rely on colleagues from IT to make changes to your templates.

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Document Wizard

Additional required information is collected by forms generated automatically, based on what you need.

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