Explore ActiveDocs for your Business Needs

Working with you to understand your requirements.

We know that it is important to you to choose the software that meets your needs. At the same time, evaluation of highly functional and configurable products can be time consuming. We also appreciate that with every solution deployment “the devil is in the detail” and each of those details can threaten the success of the implementation.

ActiveDocs want to take time to understand your needs. We follow a proven, three-step process that provides the opportunity to explore our product functionality in detail. It will let you identify early on whether or not ActiveDocs is a good match for your requirements.

Simply email us or use our Contact or Information Request pages to get in touch with us, and start the three-step evaluation process.


Step 1 – High-level assessment of your needs

After you’ve contacted us, we’ll reach out to you to begin an informal discussion about your requirements. Once we’ve gained some understanding of your needs, we can help you determine whether ActiveDocs is a good fit.


Step 2 – Demonstration

You’ll get to see the product live in action and you’ll be able to discuss your project and specific needs with us.

Demonstrations can be generic, showing and explaining the product functionality based on examples from across some of the industries we work with; or customized, using your material – provided by you and under a Non-disclosure Agreement.

We know from experience that our customers appreciate the power of ActiveDocs Document Automation best when they see it working with familiar material – so we invite you to see ActiveDocs working with your own documents or templates.

We can work with you to identify candidate documents to be used for a customized demonstration, which we will deliver in person or via a web-based meeting facility.

The demonstration will cover:


Step 3 – Proof of Concept

Our demonstration will help you perform an initial evaluation of ActiveDocs. If you find the product is likely to meet your needs, we can work with you to structure a Proof of Concept Project. This enables you to perform an in-depth evaluation of the product, installed and configured in your environment, ensuring that every aspect of the overall solution works the way you need it to work.

Our Proof of Concept page explains this process in detail.


Becoming an ActiveDocs Client

Upon successful completion of the Proof of Concept Project, you may choose to become an ActiveDocs client. Most of our clients use the results of the project as a starting point for their live implementation, and some clients even go live right away. Our structured and proven Proof of Concept Projects have resulted in more than 90% of participating organizations progressing to successful full-scale implementations.


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