What is Document Automation?

An overview of the meaning, applications, and advantages of Document Automation.

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

Document automation captures and reuses expert document-related knowledge. Documents best suited to automation are usually sophisticated, high-value, and critical to the success of the organization. The corresponding templates contain and enforce crucial business logic. They use the correct data to output accurate documents, customized to fit exact requirements, every time.

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The Automation Advantage

Automating document production increases efficiency and compliance of large organizations. Organizations that implement document automation save time and use their resources more wisely, as employees can focus on higher value tasks, knowing that their documents are taking care of themselves.

Using intelligent templates for document creation reduces potential inaccuracies that expose organizations to risk. Ensured consistency with business logic and accurate data means that organizations can deploy their documents confidently.

Brilliant Results

Automating document creation and processes will have a brilliant effect on your business. With automation, you can use fewer resources to generate documents quickly, and be 100% confident in output accuracy.

By automating their documents, one of our customers cut their document production from 2 weeks down to 2 hours.

Another customer reduced the number of templates they use in one business area from 400 to 10 – over 97%.

It’s about what works best for you

The process of generating documents can involve users, it can be fully automated and require no user interaction, or anything in between.

Most value can be derived from fully automated document generation. For some organizations, our product becomes their AI document engine. Even in these most sophisticated automated systems, user input may be required to handle special cases and exceptions. For simpler processes, the use of user-driven document generation is all that is required.

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Selecting Document Automation Software

We cover the aspects of what to think about ahead of automating your documents in our Introduction to Document Automation. It comes down to: the best Document Automation software gives you the flexibility to do exactly what you want.

It integrates with your existing applications, and provides your Subject Matter Experts with powerful tools they can use instinctively. It allows you to precisely control how much scope users have to make and apply changes.

Ultimately, the best Document Automation software gives you complete confidence in your document processes.

ActiveDocs offers award-winning Document Automation tools.
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