About ActiveDocs

The past and present of ActiveDocs at glance

ActiveDocs was founded in 1992 and developed exceptional expertise in adding customized automation to document templates. The experience and skills gained in this area led to development of the original ActiveDocs Desktop suite which enabled business users to build and use their own automated templates using ActiveDocs technology. The groundbreaking server-based ActiveDocs Enterprise suite which followed expanded the template technology and gave businesses a new enterprise-grade platform for deploying and using templates via the web.

Now, built on the latest Microsoft® Office and Windows Server technologies, ActiveDocs Opus enhances the server model, extends the template technology, and provides enhanced tools for managing, deploying, and using templates.

ActiveDocs’ reputation for innovative technology, cost-effective implementations, sharp understanding of business needs, and a passion for helping businesses create great documents has seen the business flourish into the global solutions partner that it is today, with sales and support operations spanning the globe and its products installed in many Fortune 500 companies and major international corporations.

As a Microsoft® Gold Partner, ActiveDocs is committed to innovation and will continue to develop a suite of products to become the worldwide standard for document automation.

Our aim is to enable our current and future clients to see immediately that our products will make very positive changes to their organization, and that they can count on our software to deliver maximum benefit to their business.


Microsoft® Gold Partnership and Technologies

As a further - and independent - endorsement of our people and our product, ActiveDocs is a Microsoft® Gold Partner, and is fully committed to developing solutions using Microsoft® Technologies. All projects at ActiveDocs, from external product development to our own internal projects, use the Microsoft® Solutions Framework as guiding principles to delivering successful projects. Our technical staff, from developers, testers, through to product planners, must pass selected Microsoft® certifications. This ensures not only a high level of skill amongst the team, it also means that the products we develop are benchmark world-class solutions.

For US Government clients

ActiveDocs is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM). Registration details: ActiveDocs International Limited / 760979880 / EBM70 and ActiveDocs, LLC / 064298924 / 7XZB6

Please contact us at info@activedocs.com for details


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