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Nick Chivers December 11, 2018

Big projects and the elephant in the room

Q: How do you get down from an elephant? A: You don’t get down from an elephant; you get down from a duck. Pun or metaphysics? Stuck atop the elephant, can a mind shift get us closer to the ground?

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Elephant with a rider
Martin Srubar November 15, 2018

Shipping Industry Revolutions: Document Automation today, Blockchain tomorrow

The digitization of the shipping industry can't be stopped. It may take some time for the involved parties to accept blockchain as a trusted and internationally recognized system of record. Until then, why not work with what you have?

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Shipping container
Martin Srubar November 14, 2018

From paper to blockchain: How your automation turns into Smart Contracts

As smart contract technologies mature, the need will arise to make them more accessible to the wider audience of people who will need to understand what they’re agreeing to when they sign a smart contract.

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Chain elements
Nick Chivers October 15, 2018

Play to your core strengths

We encounter a range of document automation experience in our engagements with prospective customers. We might generalize their underlying business driver as “better document processes”, but not what they do and what they know.

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Core strength image
Nick Chivers September 18, 2018

What is the real value of your document?

Working with prospective and existing clients the subject of document value often comes up and provokes discussions around what makes a document valuable; if it is valuable, then what is its value; and how do the processes that create the document reflect its value.

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Document value icon
Martin Srubar August 31, 2018

Document automation and AI – where is the hype?

Document automation inherently replaces the work of humans, and does it better and faster; this is by many accounts the definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence). So why hasn’t anyone claimed that their document automation product is AI?

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Neural Network

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Hire agreements and leasing documentation automated at a large truck and bus manufacturer.

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An energy retailer communicates with 1.5 million clients using ActiveDocs.

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Learn about a major implementation thoughtfully executed in Australia's court system.

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