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Automation for Federal and State Government Agencies

We're familiar with the challenges you face, and we can help you solve them.

With greater efficiency and guaranteed precision, you can be confident in all your organization's documents and communications.

Take full control of your communications

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Accurate documents + efficiency = better service for the public

Communications with the public take many forms. Many official documents are produced and delivered on an as-needed basis. Those may be notifications of events such as births, changes in marital status, requirements for mandatory insurance, pension related communications, government-run retirement-related saving schemes, and many others across all governmental departments and agencies.

All these communications can be created automatically based on the data you have available, and the rules and logic you put in place, with the help of our software. We can also help you with efficient, flexible, and accurate delivery.

Procurement made easy

Federal and State Government Agencies procure billions worth of contracted goods and services. Procurement is often governed by stringent regulations, which may change at any time. We can help you maintain compliance with all requirements, without the usual headaches and hassle.

ActiveDocs makes it possible to automatically produce procurement requests, response forms, contracts, and other associated documentation. Everything is based on the defined procurement rules and procedures, using accurate and up-to-date data, to guarantee that all your documents are free from human error and delivered where and when required.

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Secure handling of all data

Your data is fully under your control. You decide who will be given access, at what level, and what infrastructure it runs on. You can encrypt your data in transit and at rest – or even choose not to store any data in ActiveDocs at all.

The ActiveDocs document automation system can be configured to suit your needs precisely, and can fulfil even the tightest of security requirements.

Creating accurate government documents can be easy and flexible with document automation.

Read about how some Federal and State Government Agencies are solving their challenges:

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Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Efficient, responsive document generation processes and template maintenance, with quicker turnaround and higher accuracy.

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Australian State Government

All employees can participate in requisition generation, with efficient and effective review and approval.

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Washington State Department of Ecology

"With ActiveDocs there’s one golden version of the language that everyone in the regional offices uses, so they’re always getting the correct content."

Handle with confidence

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Permits and Licensing

High-volume, routine permits and licensing... or highly customized, case-by-case ones – we can help you with both.

Large numbers of routine permits can be processed entirely automatically using the Automated Document Production module. More intricate, highly customized documents can be handled through a guided interview process which ensures that all relevant aspects are reviewed, considered, and included in the issued permit – or that clear reasons are given if the permit is declined.

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Mandatory Insurance

We can help you handle mandatory insurance across a number of areas – building, vehicle, specialist practise – with ease.

The insured clients simply enter data to generate requests. Alternatively, where appropriate data sources already exist, the process can be entirely automated. If legislation permits, it can also become fully paperless, with insurance certificates and other documentation ready once the insurance payments have cleared.

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Welfare payouts involve a lot of money and a lot of paperwork. We can show you how to make the documentation process more efficient, so that you can save on both.

Depending on the complexity of each case, the relevant documentation can be produced fully automatically or with the input of case officers. When the applicant meets all criteria, document creation can be triggered automatically. If the welfare request is declined, the case officer can select from a list of prescribed options for declining, or reply manually.

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Retirement-Related Communications

From enrolments (mandatory or optional), through handling regular enquiries about contribution levels and eligibility, to commencing pay-outs – you can automate the entire process.

ActiveDocs can automatically generate documents and other communications based on the enquiry type, process stage, and the data available in the system. Alternatively, case officers can use a guided, interactive process of document creation to apply their knowledge and judgement about the case, with as much or as little guidance as you like.

"ActiveDocs is a powerful tool with a high degree of customization and reusability."

Automation Tool Research Team, Technical University of Munich.

Read more about the study

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Through 25+ years of experience working with a range of Federal and State Government Agencies, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for Federal and State Government Agencies:

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Tailored Communications

Highly personalized communications customized to legal requirements, regulations, and standard procedures help ensure that every citizen is treated fairly, and that nothing is missed.

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Error Elimination

Reduce risk by eliminating human errors. With document automation, we can guarantee accurate output, ensuring your communications will be compliant with your standards.

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High Responsiveness

Quick and simple template design means your team can always stay responsive, easily keeping up to date with changing requirements and regulations.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

You can be sure that government certificates, releases, notifications, and other essential documentation across all ministries and departments is created and delivered correctly, in the right place, at the right time.

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A few favorite features that are helping Federal and State Government Agencies succeed:

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Document Sets

Extensive packets of documents and communications can be automatically compiled and delivered together.

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Pre-approved pieces of content come together automatically to consistently build compliant, reliable documents.

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Template Design

Simple, intuitive, and non-codey template design means quicker progress with fewer headaches.

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