Creating Templates

Using, creating, and managing Templates with ActiveDocs Opus.

The following pages describe ActiveDocs Opus in terms of using, creating, and managing Templates, by looking at a selection of key aspects of Template Usage, Design, and Management:

ActiveDocs Opus is built on Microsoft® .NET framework and leverages the power of Microsoft® Word. The power of ActiveDocs Opus to automate complex and critical business documents creates efficiencies and allows the business total control over document templates and content via ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager. This major step forward allows template designers to visually see the linkage of rules and business logic across hundreds or thousands of templates. By leveraging Content Manager residing within ActiveDocs Opus, a template designer can make a change to critical content (e.g. a legal clause) that will dynamically update that content in any linked templates. Content Manager significantly simplifies the management and change control of literally thousands of business templates.


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Hire agreements and leasing documentation automated at a large truck and bus manufacturer.

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An energy retailer communicates with 1.5 million clients using ActiveDocs.

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Learn about a major implementation thoughtfully executed in Australia's court system.

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