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Finance, Investment
& Wealth Management

We're familiar with the challenges you face, and we can help you overcome them with confidence.

You can achieve higher efficiency and complete accuracy across all your documents and communications.

Guaranteed compliance

with top-scoring document automation software

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Automated documents for top-tier customer service

Your clients trust you with their wealth. You can provide them with the level of customer serivce they expect.

Proposals, prospectuses, agreements, and all your other routine communications can be produced automatically, when and where required, with no need to wait. All your services, customer scenarios, and state variations are covered. All you need is good software!

Unique documents for unique clients

The needs of each client are unique. The documents you prepare for them will be unique, too. Personalized communications are often prepared manually, but they don't have to be.

Automation provides an easier, more efficient way. When you automate the creation of your documents, you maintain a high degree of personalization. You can cater to more clients, and provide the same – or even better – level of care and attention. You can manage your documents as well as you manage your clients' wealth. We can help you with that.

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Compliance at every step

Regulations are changing faster than ever, and financial regulators are paying more attention to financial advisory and wealth management firms – firms like yours. Without guaranteed compliance with these regulations, you and your business could face more risk.

We can help you keep your documents and communications up to date with changing regulations and directives. When you make a change, it can be automatically applied wherever it is relevant... no more manual copy and paste of your new Terms and Conditions across thousands of documents. We have smart tools for that. Let them do the work.

Creating accurate documents for your clients can be easy and flexible with document automation.

How some finance, investment, and wealth management firms are solving their challenges:

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Farm Credit Services of America

More business, the same number of people. People are freed up to focus on more valuable tasks.

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Scania Finance

Agreements and other communications are ready in a fraction of the time taken by previous manual processes.

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Irish Progressive Services International

Standard infrastructure, lower support costs, flexible and easy to change template design and administration.

Handle with confidence

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SEC Compliance

Keep up with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations like SEC Rule 498 – as well as other governing legislations.

We can help you automate all those important details: page numbering across all pages, a table of contents that precisely matches each document, the specific font size to fulfil the required standards. And if the standards change, you can make adjustments quickly and in one place.

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Keeping Content Up to Date

As the market and its regulations change, so will your content. There is a simple way to stay responsive.

With our software, creating and updating templates is simple. When you need to make a change, you do it once, regardless of how many document variations it needs to affect. That way, everything is accurate, consistent, and up to date – even at a large scale.

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Your Business Experts in Control

Your Business Experts can automate and update templates intuitively, without having to learn any code.

Your Business Experts are already ready to use our software, because all automation takes place in the familiar environment of Microsoft Word. All calculations and rules can be defined in natural language. Your team can get designing straight away, no need to rely on your IT department.

"We're doing more business with the same number of people. We needed speed, volume and the flexibility to modify document creation processes to comply with regulations. We get all of that from ActiveDocs."

Troy Carlsen, Director of Application Development at Farm Credit Services of America.

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Through 25+ years of experience working with the world's top finance, investment, and wealth management institutions, we have learned about your challenges, requirements, and ideal solutions.

Dream solutions for finance, investment, and wealth management industries:

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Total Security

You can have complete peace of mind that your information stays, and goes, where it should. Our software is architected with security in mind.

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Clause Libraries

We can help you set up an accurate library of clauses that you use across a variety of documents. They're always up to date and ready to use.

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Flexible Delivery

Your finished documents and communications can be delivered automatically wherever and whenever they are needed, in the formats you require.

What is document automation?

Document automation is the process of transforming documents into intelligent templates, and then using these templates to create 100% accurate documents, every time.

You can be sure that your statements, reports, contracts, letters, wealth management plans, and other essential communications are generated and delivered correctly, to the right place, at the right time.

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A few favorite features that are helping finance, investment, and wealth management firms succeed:

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Flexible Integration

Integrate easily with your existing systems to build a solution that works for you, exactly the way you want it.

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Integrate with your existing workflows, or easily set up new ones, for automatic processing of templates and documents.

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Build clause libraries ready to use whenever and wherever required, and manage them from one cental location.

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