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Automate either complex or simple document-centric processes with ActiveDocs Opus. Ensure communication to the highest quality levels with customers, and within your organization. Produce your documents, emails, web content, and other communications in a timely manner without error and omissions, and with minimum user interaction. An easy to configure system that can be used and run by business users.

Create compliant and accurate documents effortlessly

Whether your organization creates 1 document a day or 200,000 documents per hour, ActiveDocs Opus makes it possible to create all documents effortlessly, with an easy to use, easy to configure and manage enterprise-grade document automation solution.

The business user automates documents

Who manages document automation, or automated templates in your business? Is it the IT team? Do they use complex macros or legacy automation software that is so difficult to use that a simple wording change can take weeks to process? ActiveDocs Opus allows business users to automate templates and make changes in minutes. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can automate and modify ActiveDocs Opus automated Templates.


Simple and powerful knowledge work automation

Do you need to incorporate multiple data sources? Use complex business rules or workflows? ActiveDocs Opus makes it possible to introduce artificial intelligence decision-making, thus automating knowledge work that used to require human intervention. Improve corporate efficiency and save money by implementing ActiveDocs Opus to automate tasks and minimize the costs of knowledge worker input.

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