Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance

Protect your organization with ActiveDocs Opus. The unique compliance toolset of ActiveDocs Opus makes it possible to enforce document and process compliance, and mitigate risk associated with the release of inaccurate communications to customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, regulators…

Quality management and risk reduction

Prevent the errors before they happen, make your processes inherently more robust and less error-prone. ActiveDocs Opus can enforce business rules, and establishes and maintains the environment where communication and documents are created and delivered in a secured and controlled manner.

Access control, data security, and workflows

Can your employees access the data they need, and only the data they need? Is the crucial external and regulatory communication approved, unable to be changed, prior to being released? Can your employee release the document without obtaining the required approval? ActiveDocs Opus Template Management makes it possible to determine who can do what with high granularity. Workflows can be set up to ensure corporate approval prior to release – whether that be approval by one or many, or business rule driven selection of a specific approver.

Internal Audit Support

Are the actions of your employees auditable? Can you track who made changes to your templates? Is this data easily accessible? ActiveDocs Opus supports internal audit with in-built customizable reports and an exceptional integration capability that makes it possible to integrate the audit data from ActiveDocs Opus into existing corporate reporting dashboards.

Compliance solution example

Logos of the FCA and European Union
The Mortgage Credit Directive and ESIS Solution is an example of a compliance solution where you can utilize your existing compliance documents, optimize their content, and connect to your data repositories. Once setup, the key financial information are presented to your clients in the manner required by the ESIS standard, content of your documents is driven by defined business rules. At the same time, you retain and enforce your branding and have the ability to use your customers’ preferred way of communication.

Learn more about ActiveDocs Opus™ compliance enforcement feature set.

Ask to receive our Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance white paper, which explains how ActiveDocs Opus provisions the Three Lines of Defense, as defined by the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing.


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