Secure and Efficient – HealthSCOPE Benefits implements ActiveDocs

Overland Park December 19, 2018
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ActiveDocs, the confident choice of large companies for document automation success, announced today that HealthSCOPE Benefits has implemented ActiveDocs. The software will help them generate documents related to administration of claims for clients who self-fund their healthcare plans across 50 states of the U.S.

With the deployment of ActiveDocs, HealthSCOPE Benefits has gained the advantage of speedy and accurate production of agreements, benefit and coverage summaries, plan descriptions, and letters to clients and other parties. HealthSCOPE Benefits was immediately able to see the positive results of automating with ActiveDocs.

Catherine Larsen, ActiveDocs SVP Sales for North America, said: “Our time-tested Proof of Concept project methodology has really shown its usefulness when engaging with HealthSCOPE Benefits. They were able to test the ActiveDocs integration capabilities in their own environment. HealthSCOPE’s existing, sophisticated systems handle sensitive medical plan and client data. You can imagine the level of security the whole solution needs to have. Through our well-structured process, the project team consisting of both HealthSCOPE Benefits professionals and ActiveDocs experts has found a solution that meets all requirements, and was able to be piloted and deployed with end users shortly after the end of the Proof of Concept project.”

HealthSCOPE Benefits integrate ActiveDocs with their secure system of record to automatically populate plans, agreements or individual cases with the right data from a variety of sources. This limits unnecessary user input, makes the process much quicker, and enforces accuracy.

Deploying the solution required only limited involvement of the IT team. The installation was completed in less than a day. Following initial deployment, HealthSCOPE Benefits’ system is now fully managed by their business users without involving the IT team. Subject matter experts create the templates on their own, and are able to make updates quickly and easily.

The first set of automated documents was rolled out live shortly after the Proof of Concept project. Following immediate success, HealthSCOPE Benefits has added more automated documents, and recently added the ability to generate and send batches of letters to clients. At the back-end, the system delivers documents into a number of document folders for archiving and further processing. Some of the communications require approval prior to being released; for this, HealthSCOPE Benefits use the ActiveDocs approval workflow functionality.

Looking forward, HealthSCOPE Benefits is planning to build on their success by automating more document types, starting with those of highest value to the business.


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HealthSCOPE Benefits administers claims for self-funded clients in 50 states, with a number of offices and a robust network of remote team members across the U.S. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, HealthSCOPE Benefits is the 4th largest benefits-only third-party administrator in the U.S. based on administrative fee revenue. HealthSCOPE Benefits was founded in 1985. For more information please visit


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