ActiveDocs Opus Cloud Integration

One-click data integration with enterprise-scale cloud applications.

Many organizations choose to utilize cloud-based services for customer relationship management, service delivery management, document and data storage, business process management, and many other critical business functions. ActiveDocs Opus can help leverage your existing cloud applications, and to amalgamate data from the cloud and from on-premises systems into documents and other communications. This can ensure the integrity of the information presented to your customers. For example, the pricing in the CRM system will be the exact same pricing that will be presented to the customer in the sales proposal. Generated documents can be stored in cloud repositories and accessed and edited from anywhere – any device, any platform.

Cloud Line-of-Business Application Integration (CRM, Services Management)

ActiveDocs Opus includes one-click data integration with Dynamics CRM Online and Access your data in the cloud and generate accurate quotes, proposals, statements of work and many others. For access to data in other Line-of-Business applications ActiveDocs Opus provides Data View Web Service functionality that can utilize cloud applications’ standard SOAP or REST APIs.

Diagram of integration with cloud Line-of-Business applications

Cloud Storage Integration

ActiveDocs Opus provides the capability to save created documents and collected data in a number of cloud repositories such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and others via the ActiveDocs Opus Document Delivery and Document Management modules, which make it easy to connect with cloud storage APIs that are based on open standards such as SOAP and REST.

Diagram of integration with cloud storage solutions

Business Process Management Integration

ActiveDocs Opus document creation and approval functionality can be integrated with a number of business process management and project management solutions. Document creation, data collection, and document management can be integrated with these solutions to provide a single access point to the automated processes that utilize the ActiveDocs Opus compliance and automation solution.

ActiveDocs Opus Cloud Integration benefits

With the cloud-integrated automation and compliance solutions powered by ActiveDocs Opus you can:

  • Access and combine data stored on-premises and in the cloud, and generate accurate documents and communications
  • Store your documents centrally and access and modify them from anywhere
  • Enhance your business processes and project management

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