ActiveDocs Opus Content Manager

The centralized template management, design, and auditing solution.

Design Components

ActiveDocs Opus uses a component-based approach for creating intelligent Templates.

  • Template Sets are built from multiple Templates with Rule-driven inclusion and Repeat options.
  • Templates are created and maintained with ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools to incorporate ActiveDocs Opus intelligence.
  • Snippets encapsulate common content for re-use in multiple Templates, and in other Microsoft® Office applications via the ActiveDocs Opus Client's research feature. Snippets can be created and maintained with the Design Tools.
  • Data Views allow data to be mapped and selected from your existing business systems, reducing duplicate data entry and transcription errors. Data Views can be securely managed at three different levels: setup, design and document creation, and allow for advanced calculations, joins and filtering.
  • Design Item Sets allow ActiveDocs Intelligence to be reused in multiple Templates and Snippets.

For Designers

All ActiveDocs Opus Design Components are created or maintained via Content Manager. Design Components are automatically Checked Out when editing is started, preventing multiple simultaneous changes, and Check In is a manual process that integrates with the ActiveDocs Opus Version Control Module.

Content Manager supports relationship driven reporting for all Design Components ensuring templates are appropriately and accurately updated across your organization.

For Administrators

Content Manager provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for the management of content on ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server sites and subsites.

From a security aspect, you have complete control over who can access Design Components for creation purposes and who can then modify them further. This means each document you create is personalized and ensures a consistent message, correct information and professional output.

ActiveDocs Opus provides the Design Component Approval feature to ensure that content-carrying Templates and Snippets can be approved before they are used to create documents.

Content Manager Interface


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