ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools

Apply automation, use data, and enforce business rules in the familiar text editor – Microsoft Word.

Templates and Snippets

ActiveDocs Opus Templates and Snippets are created and maintained in Microsoft® Word, adding ActiveDocs Intelligence with the ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools add-in.

The Design Tools provide wizards and natural language tools to add automation to your templates, enabling you to create reusable text components (Snippets), identify data sources, and create rules that determine what text, data and graphics will be included in your documents.

If you have an understanding of Microsoft® Word to an advanced level and a sound knowledge of your own business processes you will be able to work immediately and effectively with the Design Tools. When it comes to designing intelligent templates, Design Tools 'point and click' technology and natural language interfaces make this process fast and effective.

You can easily incorporate business logic, calculations and reusable text as well as integrating data from your back-end systems without the need to create macros or for a programmer to write code.


Once your Template or Snippet is automated with the Design Tools, it can be approved through the optional ActiveDocs Opus Design Approval process, which integrates with publishing through the optional ActiveDocs Opus Version Control module, before it is finally made available to ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server to create documents.

For end users, the ActiveDocs Opus Template automatically renders the step-by-step ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard that prompts the user with questions based on the ActiveDocs Intelligence designed into the Template. Their answers are used to create the final document.

Designing templates can be simple.
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