Changes in your Business Environment

Adapt and succeed with ActiveDocs.

The business environment is constantly changing, and these changes affect all organizations. Competition comes and goes, economic conditions change, there are always new laws and regulations to comply with.

As your market evolves, so will your documents. You might like to introduce new products and services, adjust or retire others. Perhaps you will need to rebrand, or to arrange for a reliable way of communicating in several new languages. The business environment will influence the structure, content, and disposition of your organization’s documents.

While driving change in your documents, the business environment itself it is subject to a growing number of rules and regulations. The numbers speak for themselves: the EU estimates a total of 117,000 legal acts, court verdicts, and international standards to adhere to at all times, while the US has to comply with 96,000 pages' worth of rules and regulations.

Only those who can keep up will survive; and only those who adapt quickly will succeed.

Future-proof your business

Evolving quickly requires solid preparation. From over 25 years of experience, we know what works best.

Thoughtful design with a modular approach, flexible integration, and the ability to scale are key software requirements that will go far to future-proof your solution. Thorough analysis of your IP and processes will help you create a reliable, long-lasting strategy. A simple, instuitive design process will let all your users make updates quickly and as required.

Moving forward with total confidence

ActiveDocs can help you move forward with confidence.

Our software is designed to enable rapid response and accurate, controlled implementation of changes through integrated template design, management, and publishing, all traceable via version control. Modular design means common content can be maintained in a single place, and instantly updated across many locations.


Exchange of knowledge between a user and a document.

ActiveDocs allows you to capture, track, and reuse expert knowledge and content, keeping your IP within the business.

Simple ActiveDocs UI for quick changes.

Our easy to use design tool allows your business users to make the changes you want quickly and easily, without involving your colleagues from IT.

ActiveDocs fits neatly into your existing architecture.

Flexible integration lets ActiveDocs easily fit into your existing and future architecture.


We offer you the tools to easily create, manage, deploy, and use smart templates to create accurate, timely, well-branded, quality-controlled documents. You can be confident that your high-value documents always keep up with your market expectations, and always remain compliant with ever changing regulatory need of your business environment.

Is ActiveDocs right for me?

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