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AI Document Generation

Transform your document-centric operations with AI and ActiveDocs.

With ActiveDocs, AI becomes transformative on the organizational level. Not just a co-pilot for your employees.

Leverage AI and stay in control.

Control what your AI does;
control where your data goes.

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Integrates with the Large Language Models of your choice

Do you need the latest available model hosted by one of the Large Language Model (LLM) developers like ChatGPT or Google Gemini? Or do you need your data to always stay within the confines of your organization and prefer to host your LLM yourself? ActiveDocs can work with the spectrum of options.

Do you need to work with multiple LLMs? No problem. ActiveDocs lets you leverage the strengths of any number of models within a single document and workflow.

How does it work?

ActiveDocs Document Automation can leverage AI engines of your choice to create content and implement AI-driven and evaluated rules.

You have the choice to evaluate and verify the AI's input either through a set of hard business rules you put in place, human reviewers or another AI model.

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AI that scales

Deploying AI at scale has never been easier. With ActiveDocs, your employees and clients will not even think of AI. Everything will just work – seamlessly – streamlining your document generation – and by extension – your other business processes.

Document-centric operations can be transformed with AI and document automation. Enabling you to do more with less, enter new markets, and provide better service to your clients.

Transcend the AI personal productivity tools and co-pilots.
Let your entire organization get better with AI and document automation.

AI in your document processes

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Generate Content for your documents

No need for manual text writing. Your documents already have the data, let AI turn it into narratives.

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Sophisticated Rules and Validation

Move beyond logic tables and process flows. The AI can anticipate the unexpected and let the user know.

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Get more out of your data

Leverage your existing organizational knowledge and data to help the AI learn, while keeping control of your data.

In-depth: Document Automation and AI

Looking for more in-depth guidance on how to build an AI Document Engine for your organization?

Get our white paper that outlines the path to having your own AI Document Engine.

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