ActiveDocs Opus use cases in banking.

Example One

ActiveDocs has worked closely with one of New Zealand's major trading banks to simplify the processes involved in the generation of their loan documentation. (This solution is similar to the Automated Document Creation, Example 2.) As with a number of companies, the bank's IT infrastructure incorporates a huge number of legacy systems, all with their own idiosyncrasies, coding and requirements.

The practical scenario is one with which most people are more than familiar: a client comes in to close their loan at branch level. Branch staff process the closure request, feeding relevant information into the multiple business systems which in turn, action a document creation request to ActiveDocs Enterprise. ActiveDocs Enterprise responds, creating the specific, personalized loan documents as requested and passes the complete document back to the DMS utilized by the branch staff. All in a matter of seconds.

Time and accuracy is important. Legal documents such as these can expose the business to risk and with industry regulatory changes occurring as frequently as the changes demanded of such a highly competitive and market-driven industry, maintaining accuracy is fundamental. Legacy systems often use proprietary format and hard-coded template definitions, which in a banking infrastructure require a full product release cycle. A simple word change to a template could take months to be processed. ActiveDocs provides real business benefits by allowing template changes to occur rapidly in minutes, not months.


Example Two

This company, a building society, is an example of how the ActiveDocs Automated solution can provide accuracy and efficiency for a business with high volume document generation requirements.

Here, ActiveDocs Enterprise is used for statement generation, creating thousands of documents at high speed. ActiveDocs postcode sorting, duplex printing and OMR technology is utilized within the solution to automatically envelope statements using a Pitney Bowes enveloping machine. This provides real cost saving benefits, from reduced paper requirements to postal concessions for grouping and in-house printing and packing. Minimum resource is required while accuracy is rigorously maintained around the customer sensitive process.

In a sense, ActiveDocs has delivered an in-house printing solution in an area where the vast majority of banks traditionally outsource to printing houses. ActiveDocs has thus delivered huge savings in time and money to this building society, directly and positively impacting the company's bottom line.


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