ActiveDocs Opus use cases in Legal.

One of our clients is a large oil firm, based on the East Coast of the United States which owns 3,000 service stations across the country. Every one of these stations has its own legal contract with the parent firm. Some of the service stations are owned outright, some of them are franchised, some a combination of the two. Some of the sites' contracts include the land and buildings on the site, others are for the bricks and mortar only. Every time one of these outlets changes hands, a new contract must be generated. Every time there is a regulatory change, be it state or federal, each individual contract needs to be amended. To ensure the accuracy of these changes - these are legally binding documents - our client had a team of 50 lawyers working across 800 different document templates to address all the parameters and variations that these documents needed. It took each lawyer, on average, 3-5 days to create a lease document.

The company employed ActiveDocs to create all their leases and, using the Wizard there are now 800 permutations loaded into our software readily available to each lawyer, ensuring that they can easily and immediately make any alterations to any of the contracts, and have them back out to the client quickly. Turnaround time has shrunk from the above 3-5 days to a matter of little more than an hour, saving the company huge amounts of time and reducing labor costs substantially.


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