Local Government

ActiveDocs Opus use cases in Local Government.

Local Government must communicate with stakeholders on a personalized basis to provide clear and accurate content. Whether such communication is generated as a response to one-off queries or as part of regular proactive and large-scale processes like annual billing, there are strict requirements for accuracy, for conformance with local and national regulations, and for timeliness.

ActiveDocs Opus provides Local Government with the means of producing accurate, personalized, timely documents. Powerful integration with incumbent data sources provides personalization. Rapid design and content management provides timely responses to regulatory changes. Snippets provide for the sharing and updating of common content across multiple documents, ensuring accuracy. The Publishing capabilities of ActiveDocs Opus Version Control allow for impending changes to the content of Snippets, Templates, and external data sources to be managed and implemented at the right time. Templates and Snippets can be designed to support the full range of communication requirements, from responses to anticipated queries from stakeholders, to high volume large scale processing, while providing intelligent personalization.

With the Solutions Studio and ADP (Automated Document Production) modules, ActiveDocs Opus integrates seamlessly with front-office systems, back-office systems, and document storage applications.

The comprehensive template design environment, exceptional integration capabilities, built-in delivery handling - including sorting and grouping for outbound mail efficiency - and a wide range of output document formats, allow ActiveDocs Opus to provide a complete document creation solution for Local Government communications.


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