Order Processing

Using ActiveDocs Opus for Order Processing.

An effective use of the ActiveDocs software, and one implemented by a number of ActiveDocs' clients, involves generating the documents required once a sales order has been taken. Upon completing a sale, the order needs to be recorded, and the sales team or their administrative staff enter details of the sales into their ERP system. ActiveDocs is used to generate a variety of documents including shipping, lease contracts, bills, documentation, and site surveys.

For example, the original order may need to go to a warehouse for packing, there may be a dispatch note to be generated, there will be a requirement for the order to be punched into the system from a document: however many different documents are required for delivery fulfillment area of the sales process, ActiveDocs will generate and co-ordinate the documents required.

The outcome is that ActiveDocs is crucial in identifying prospects, and qualifying them, streamlining this part of the sales process, and raising the proportion of 'wins' a firm is likely to see from their sales teams. The time saved by using the solution ensures maximum efficiency of staff resource, and the accuracy of the documents generated leaves little to chance, ensuring a minimal possibility of error within the process. The organization, then, is clearly professional and efficient in the eyes of the prospective client, who gets a highly efficient service from phone call to stock arrival.


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