Sales Proposals

Using ActiveDocs Opus for creation of Sales Proposals.

Producing high quality, consistent, accurate sales proposals is a very effective use of ActiveDocs Opus. Typically, the solution will be designed to leverage data and content from a range of sources:

  • The company database for office, salesperson, and other company information.
  • A CRM or other customer data respository, for customer information.
  • Product and/or Service information and pricing, both textual and graphic, from product or service databases.
  • Common content such as branding and Standard Terms And Conditions from ActiveDocs Opus Snippets.

Presentation, layout, rules, conditional processes, calculations, and data validation are controlled through the Sales Proposal Template(s) and Snippets which are designed and managed through ActiveDocs Opus Designer, a set of tools designed for business users and leveraging the power of Microsoft Word.

The end user - the salesperson - simply runs the ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard which renders all of the underlying complexity into a simple browser-based interview process.

The completed Sales Proposal may optionally be subject to approval and can be generated in a range of output formats.

Flash Demo

View the Flash demo Creating a Sales Proposal with ActiveDocs Opus.


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