ActiveDocs Opus Document Approval

Highly configurable document approval functionality.

ActiveDocs Opus supports a range of post-creation processing including delivery and reassignment. There are situations where documents should not be delivered until they have been checked and approved - particularly for sensitive applications like Banking and Insurance.

The ActiveDocs Opus Approval Process supports the requirement for pre-release validation of documents by allowing you to specify a group of users as Document Approvers.

When Approval is configured, Document Approvers receive an email when documents requiring Approval are created in ActiveDocs Opus. The email contains instructions, information about the document, and a link to the document itself via the ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard.

Depending on the Approval configuration, one or more of the Approvers must signify their approval of the document before onward processing can continue.

To complement Document Approval, ActiveDocs Opus provides the Design Component Approval feature to ensure that content-carrying Templates and Snippets can be approved before they are used to create documents.


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