Automated Document Creation

Full, system-triggered automation of your documents – on-demand or batch generation.

In the automated document creation process, systems can easily produce the documents you require, without relying on additional user input. This is done by passing an XML stream specifying the templates, data, output formats, and delivery instructions for the documents being created to ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server's Web Service.

How could Automated Document Production fit into your organization?
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The XML stream is processed by the Composition Server, merging the supplied answer data with the requested templates. Documents are generated in line with the formats, volumes, and delivery requirements specified.

The automated process can be invoked manually and automatically. It's the ideal solution when the source information comes from a line of business system, and requires no additional user input.

Diagram of document production in automated mode

ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server
Compiles and delivers documents and manages content and templates.
ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard
Web based user interface for Template and Document access.
ActiveDocs Opus Automated Document Production (ADP) Module
Production system for Automated Mode document assembly.
ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio
Integration Toolkit enables connection to ECM/CRM or multiple databases.
ActiveDocs Opus Document Approval
Enables checking and approval of documents before delivery and other post-creation processing.
(Document Review - green tick on the Components diagram above.)
Output Document Formats
ActiveDocs Opus provides a wide range of output document formatting options.
Document Delivery
ActiveDocs Opus supports a comprehensive range of document delivery channels.

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