User-Driven Document Creation

The interactive way of creating documents that can combine user input with your data.

In the User-Driven document automation process any authorised user can create professional documents quickly and efficiently from their desktop, online or offline, simply by calling up the appropriate document templates.

The browser-based ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard automatically guides the user through a step-by-step interview process, prompting for and validating answers needed to complete the document. Answers may be entered directly, selected from preset values, or obtained from external data sources. ActiveDocs Opus allows you to create Templates to suit your purposes and processes, and to reflect your brand image and corporate identity.

Diagram of document production in user-driven (interactive) mode

ActiveDocs Opus Composition Server
Compiles and delivers documents and manages content and templates
ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard
Web based user interface for Template and Document access
ActiveDocs Opus Document Wizard
Web based user interface for User-Driven document assembly
ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio
Integration Toolkit enables connection to ECM/CRM or multiple databases
ActiveDocs Opus Document Approval
Enables checking and approval of documents before delivery and other post-creation processing
(green tick - Document Review - on the Components picture above)
Output Document Formats
ActiveDocs Opus provides a wide range of output document formatting options
Document Delivery
ActiveDocs Opus supports a comprehensive range of document delivery channels

The Document Wizard can be invoked from the browser-based ActiveDocs Opus Express Wizard (Example 1 in the image above), or from another application by using the ActiveDocs Opus Solutions Studio Module to provide integration (Example 2 in the image above).


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