ActiveDocs Opus Template Design

Designing templates in the simple yet powerful environment of ActiveDocs Opus

ActiveDocs Opus Designer is the comprehensive integrated design and management environment for ActiveDocs Opus Templates, created with Business Users in mind to minimize reliance on IT resources for Template Design and Management.

Designer allows you to create and maintain Templates using Microsoft® Word, with all of its exceptional functionality preserved and extended by ActiveDocs Opus Design Tools.

Design Tools allows you to easily add ActiveDocs Intelligence to your Templates through the use of Active Fields, Repeating Items, Selection Lists, Free Text, and Snippet links. Collectively these are called markers and they indicate where information is required to create a Document. Data Integration allows the use of data from external sources.

The Why Use Templates? page makes a key point: while the concept of Templates is simple (template + data = document), in practice this is rarely case.

Addressing complex business requirements will often require a degree of complexity in the solution. In the case of document creation this may involve:

  • links to external data sources
  • data that occurs in multiple locations in the document
  • repeating or tabular data where the number of repetitions cannot be known in advance
  • optional content that depends on logic to rule it 'in' or 'out' of the final document
  • calculations
  • common content such as Terms And Conditions shared by multiple Templates
  • areas of user-provided and free-formatted text
  • strict validation
  • dynamic tables, graphs, and charts
  • variable header and footer content

ActiveDocs Opus Designer does it all.


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