The ActiveDocs Opus Advantage

The advantages of using ActiveDocs Opus for template creation.

ActiveDocs Opus addresses the drawbacks of traditional templates. Each aspect of the ActiveDocs Opus Advantage is explored in the following pages. All aspects of the ActiveDocs Opus solution provide a well-managed environment with secure integrated access control.

Template Design - ActiveDocs Opus Template Design enables you to create Templates which are - unlike Traditional Templates - easy to use and which support shared common content, rule-driven content, repeated instances of the same data, filtered access to external data sources, and a host of additional features to help you make great documents.

Template Management - ActiveDocs Opus Template Management supports the need for a central repository that gives your Template Designers and Managers the best management tools and also ensures your Document Creators have access to the right template, right now.

Template Maintenance - ActiveDocs Opus Template Maintenance supports the need for a central repository with shared content where changes driven by re-branding, regulations, and the market, can be handled effectively and where large numbers of templates do not produce significant maintenance issues.

Template Usage - ActiveDocs Opus Template Usage supports the need for a central repository to ensure your Document Creators have access to the right template, right now while not requiring a significant investment in client software, and supporting re-use for document creation from your other valuable IT software investments.

Of course, the best Templates in the world will only help your business if they are easy to use. The powerful Design Features of ActiveDocs Opus together with the brilliant Document Wizard have been created to ensure you can deploy Templates that your stakeholders - from Document Creators to shareholders - will thank you for.


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