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ActiveDocs document automation and compliance solution enforces accuracy and quality in BP's global human resources operation.

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BP is the sixth largest company in the world, employing more than 85,000 people worldwide. The human resources team must handle creation of many new contracts, take care of contract modifications and transfer documentation, periodically create documents associated with internal reward schemes, and produce other HR related communications.

Each document needs to be built in accordance with complex business rules that can vary with each of the numerous sites, locations, and positions in this global organization. It was difficult and time consuming to ensure consistency of content and branding even within a single site. Many contracts had to be created from scratch every time, which could have led to inaccuracies and inclusions of outdated terms and conditions.

The data that is required for creation of a document may reside in many disparate systems and data sources. This made the already complex document creation process even more resource demanding, and involvement of the IT team was often required to obtain the necessary document data.

Due to the global nature of BP’s business, with operations in over 80 countries, the need to produce documents in local languages added yet another level of complexity to document creation, approval, review, and auditing processes.

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Improve document creation processes to enforce compliance, accuracy, and quality in BP’s global human resources operations.


ActiveDocs document automation and compliance solution generates HR documents, utilizes SAP data, evaluates complex business rules, produces documents in multiple languages, and ActiveDocs Template Management provides in-depth compliance auditing capabilities.


The automation and compliance solution is easy to implement and easy to maintain, allows business users without in-depth IT expertise to create compliant document centric processes, to automate templates, to utilize data from disparate corporate repositories, and to rapidly deploy content and branding.

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Seamless integration with existing systems and data sources dramatically reduced the time needed for deployment of the document automation solution. The business user can utilize data from SAP and other corporate repositories, and can create documents without the need to involve the IT team in the process of document generation or template creation.

The Solution

BP decided to implement the ActiveDocs document automation and compliance solution to meet the challenges posed by the high volume, high value document generation in human resources.

To address the need to generate document content based on a large number of interconnected business rules, ActiveDocs incorporates an intelligent Rules Engine. It can evaluate all input parameters and populate the document with the content, legal clauses, terms, and conditions that are appropriate for the country, the site, and employee’s position. The Rules Engine dynamically evaluates the provided data at the time of document creation, and uses the latest Template version to ensure that up-to-date policies, terms, and conditions are applied.

Document creation from multiple systems and utilization of several disparate data sources was made possible through the exceptional integration capabilities of ActiveDocs. Document generation can use data from SAP, BrassRing (talent acquisition and onboarding), and many other corporate repositories. Despite the high number of disparate data sources, ActiveDocs makes the document creation process seamless. End users can go through a simple web-based wizard where all data is populated automatically or selected from the appropriate sources via ActiveDocs Data Views. Template Designers can utilize the disparate data sources in their Templates through ActiveDocs Data Views as well, without any need for in-depth IT knowledge.

The multi-language capabilities of ActiveDocs make it possible to generate documents in the appropriate languages for their recipients, whilst the document creator can be exposed to the web-based environment, and can be asked for input, in their own language.

How it Works

ActiveDocs is deployed in a load balanced configuration to ensure high performance and availability of the business-critical document generation systems. The ActiveDocs Solutions Studio module and the Automated Document Production module have also been deployed to enable high-throughput unattended document generation. The individual document creators in the HR team can also access the web-based front-end of ActiveDocs to generate documents in User-driven mode. In both Automated and User-driven mode ActiveDocs can utilize data from SAP and other corporate repositories, creating a seamless document generation process.

ActiveDocs Templates are designed by business users within the familiar environment of Microsoft Word. Even complex business rules can be implemented in natural language, without any need for programming or knowledge of any specific syntax, and applied to content and graphics within Templates. The ActiveDocs Data View functionality allows Template Designers to establish links between Templates and multiple data sources, and even link and filter those data sources dynamically.

The Template can be designed in the language and the script of the intended recipient while the document creator may be presented with a web-based questionnaire that asks for input in another language. Because the content of documents, regardless of their language, is driven by business logic and data, the audit and approval of generated Documents can be based on the data, and not necessarily the language specific content. Reports are available through the web interface of ActiveDocs.

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Key Features

Rules Engine evaluates multiple interconnected parameters and inserts appropriate legal verbiage and branding.

Exceptional integration capabilities allow seamless sourcing of data from SAP and other corporate repositories, and utilization of the document generation capabilities from within other systems.

Multi-language capabilities of ActiveDocs allow for generation and audit of Documents regardless of the language of the recipient of the Document or the auditor.

The Benefits

Evaluation of data and user input by the ActiveDocs Rules Engine enforces compliance with local legislation, internal HR policies, and branding guidelines whilst reducing the need for highly skilled HR, legal, and marketing staff to be involved in creation of documents.

Seamless integration with existing systems and data sources dramatically reduced the time needed for deployment of the document automation solution. The business user can utilize data from SAP and other corporate repositories, and can create documents without the need to involve the IT team in the process of document generation or template creation.

Documents can be created in local languages and alphabets for employees in any of more than 80 countries where BP operates through the multi-language capabilities of ActiveDocs.

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