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ActiveDocs provides a unified solution integrated with Taleo Cloud Service data for over 27,000 healthcare employees.

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healthAlliance is a shared-services joint venture between four of New Zealand’s largest public health providers that provide healthcare to more than 1 in 3 of the country’s population, and are collectively one of the largest employers in New Zealand.

One of healthAlliance's core service activities is provision of HR services to its user organizations, meaning that it must meet the needs of multiple employers and collectively more than 27,000 healthcare employees in 200 locations.

The high number of employees and the geographical spread require that many HR processes use the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service.

Each employer has its own specific HR documentation needs. The final critical element was integration of a document automation solution to use Taleo data to create the documents required for each specific employer in each specific circumstance.

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healthAlliance services multiple employers of over 27,000 healthcare employees in 200 locations. Most HR processes use the Oracle Taleo Cloud Service. Documents specific to each circumstance and employer must utilize Taleo data for efficiency and accuracy.


ActiveDocs integrated automatically and seamlessly to select the correct document type, utilize Taleo data, and store the document, making the process simple and efficient for all users.


Automatic document type selection, use of Taleo data, and routing of document to final storage, provide efficiency and accuracy throughout the HR documentation process.

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healthAlliance has become a model of how healthcare should be run in the 21st century, where the lean and efficient services organization supports medical professionals who deliver cutting-edge patient care.

The Solution

healthAlliance implemented ActiveDocs in User-Driven Mode, enabling users to create documents via the ActiveDocs Document Wizard in their intranet browser.

ActiveDocs’ flexible and highly configurable security and user settings ensure users only have access to the templates – and therefore to the document types – that they need for a specific employer.

The Document Wizard creates an interview automatically from the template’s information requirements. The interview adapts dynamically by changing its questions based on information supplied to it. The dynamic response means individual questions or groups of questions can be hidden or revealed or validated differently. At another level, the dynamic response can allow different individual, or combinations of, templates to execute.

ActiveDocs Data Views integrate Taleo data directly into the wizard session. ActiveDocs Dynamic Filtering allows data access to be restricted based on the user’s profile, and requires only minimal input – just a candidate number or position reference – to extract all of the relevant data.

ActiveDocs Workflow permits flexible and contextual approval and finalisation of documents and routing of documents to specific storage locations.

How it Works

The wizard elicits minimal information from the user before automatically retrieving all related Taleo data, observing any user-data security settings in place.

If the template requires any information that is not available from Taleo or other information sources, the wizard prompts the user for it.

When the wizard is complete, ActiveDocs assembles the document automatically. Any applicable ActiveDocs Workflow determines the drafting, approval, finalisation, and storage of the document.

Typically, document storage uses contextually determined network locations to enable other business and client users to access the documents.

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Key Features

ActiveDocs Data Views use existing data sources to save time and effort and reduce risk, and allow dynamic filtering for security and rapid data extraction.

ActiveDocs Document Wizard's dynamic adaptive interview allows exceptional flexibility.

ActiveDocs Workflow routes documents to the correct storage destination - a database, SharePoint library, network location, DMS, or web service.

The Benefits

ActiveDocs automatically executes the correct set of templates for the employer, based on the user’s profile, efficiently ensuring the correct start point for document generation.

Minimal data entry – just a candidate number or position reference – allows the Document Wizard to load all relevant Taleo data, leaving little or nothing for the user to enter manually. Using existing data significantly reduces time and effort and the risks associated with inaccurate documents.

ActiveDocs routes documents automatically to specific storage locations where they are accessible to other users, while maintaining a direct link for ActiveDocs system users.

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