Callcredit, a UK-based CRA, integrates ActiveDocs Opus with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

London September 11, 2014
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Callcredit Information Group, one of three major consumer CRAs (Credit Reference Agencies) in the UK, is implementing ActiveDocs Opus for generation of compliant contracts. The solution integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and creates documents using the ActiveDocs Automated Document Production module, eliminating user intervention. Callcredit is now able to reduce the contract turn-around time and ensure that accurate data and approved clauses are always used. The system also enhances protection of customer data, because user intervention is not required during the document creation process.

Nick Chivers, ActiveDocs European Sales Director, said: “A short Proof-of-Concept project demonstrated that the abilities of the ActiveDocs Opus solution exceeded the expectations of Callcredit. The project team appreciated the ease and the extent of integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and other systems in the business. The automation and compliance solution now enables Callcredit to replace the manual document processes and get the most out of the data in its systems.”

Callcredit has decided to automate a range of contractual documents including services agreements, contract schedules, payment plans and others. The system can process data from multiple data sources – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, XML, databases etc. – and use business rules to include the relevant document sections and customize the wording. Callcredit’s templates can be created and modified by business users in Microsoft Word, and the data from the disparate data sources can be utilized by the same business users via the ActiveDocs Opus Data View functionality. Callcredit’s subject matter experts now have the capability to automate production of documents, and to rapidly respond to frequently changing business and regulatory compliance requirements.


About the customer

Callcredit Information Group

Callcredit Information Group specializes in managing consumer data for businesses across financial services, retail, utilities, public sector, telecoms, insurance and many more. The Group is focused on developing products and services to help businesses make smarter, more informed decisions. Callcredit’s customers include all of the UK’s clearing banks, several major international lenders, media communications businesses, and petroleum, automotive, power and retail organizations. For more information please visit


About the solution


ActiveDocs develops Template management and document automation software that reduces the time and expense of creating documents, while mitigating the potential risk caused by inaccurate information. The company's solutions lower the possibility of complaints, legal issues and financial losses caused by manual document creation and help companies personalize standard, repeatable information. ActiveDocs has been in business since 1992, and specializes in state-of-the-art document automation and compliance for large enterprises. ActiveDocs' customer base covers over 160 of the Global Fortune 500, including the world's largest company – Royal Dutch Shell – as well as BP, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, ABB and many other global giants.

ActiveDocs Opus

ActiveDocs Opus™ is a world-leading Document Automation Solution built on Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Windows Server technology, and supports industry standard integration with data sources and document storage and handling applications. Templates are designed in Microsoft® Word and built from reusable components. ActiveDocs Opus has built-in management and deployment tools to allow Templates to be used for User-Driven (interactive) and Program-Driven (automated) document creation.


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