Market Leading Insurer deploys ActiveDocs for document success

London July 17, 2019
Container ship at sea

ActiveDocs, the confident choice of large companies for document automation success, announced today that an international provider of market leading insurance services for maritime transportation industry has deployed ActiveDocs to generate a range of insurance documents across multiple lines of their business.

Samuel Ricketts, ActiveDocs Sales Director, Europe, said: “This insurer needed certainty that the product they choose is fit for purpose, and can be deployed rapidly. They chose to undergo a detailed proof of concept project with us. They deployed ActiveDocs and integrated it with their system, making sure everything works end-to-end. The additional benefit of this rigorous proof of concept was that at the end of the project, our customer had a comprehensive set of templates and integration solutions, tested and ready to use in their production deployment.”

The insurer integrated ActiveDocs with Sequel Rulebook, ensuring seamless access to a range of insurance products under the brand. They also integrated the user interface with their Line of Business application, and connected the templates to a range of their existing data sources. That way, they are able to generate multiple documents, for multiple different products, from one place, in a single process.

To achieve rapid deployment, the insurer engaged ActiveDocs to deliver Template Design services. A team of skilled ActiveDocs template designers was able to dramatically reduce the inventory of their templates. This was possible through the use of the Template Set and Active Snippet functionality. Rules and business logic determine and include the right content for any given line of business and document type, while the Template Sets support generation of documents for multiple product types through a single process driven by sophisticated logic and data.

Our customer also quickly discovered an additional benefit of using ActiveDocs. Their templates can be maintained by staff who can use Microsoft Word, rather than by programmers. Subject matter experts look after the templates directly, saving the team a lot of time.

The insurer continues to add templates for additional products and lines of business into ActiveDocs, enabling them to build on the success of the single, universal document generation capability provided by the ActiveDocs document engine.


About our customer

Our customer is an international provider of market leading insurance services. Their origins are in the provision of management services to mutual organizations, particularly in the international transport and professional indemnity sectors. Today, the group manages a large percentage of the insurance mutual and applies its knowledge and expertise to the development of specialist, privately owned businesses. The services our customer offers make use of its core skills in underwriting, claims handling, loss prevention, risk management, legal advice, and investment.


About the solution


ActiveDocs is a world-leading Document Automation Solution built on Microsoft® Office and Microsoft® Windows Server technology, and supports industry standard integration with data sources and document storage and handling applications. Templates are designed in Microsoft® Word and built from reusable components. ActiveDocs has built-in management and deployment tools to allow Templates to be used for User-Driven (interactive) and Program-Driven (automated) document creation.

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