Dental Insurance Sales and Client-facing documentation automated at Dominion National

Documents generated faster and always accurately through automation.

Overland Park May 11, 2022
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Dominion National, a leading insurer and administrator of dental and vision benefits on the USA’s East Coast, has selected and deployed ActiveDocs to automate documentation of their dental and vision insurance plans.

The complete portfolio of documentation is being automated. This includes the sales materials that prospective clients receive and post-sale policy documentation with details of the coverage and the insurance parameters chosen by clients.

Catherine Larsen, Senior Vice President Sales for North America, said: "Dominion National came to us with a very specific list of requirements. Their priority was to enable the underwriters to work with the tools they are already comfortable working with, and enable fully automated generation of the collateral needed at every step of the Dominion National client journey. We set out a Proof of Concept project that enabled Dominion National to verify that ActiveDocs can meet all their requirements and will work in the context of their standard IT infrastructure. As an added benefit, Dominion National’s template designers can continue to work within the familiar environment of Microsoft Word while automating templates. This makes it much quicker to use ActiveDocs as the automation tool and to release new templates into use."

Dominion National integrated ActiveDocs document generation with their current intranet solution that is based in SharePoint Online. Underwriters enter the plan details and then choose what type of document they need to generate. Within seconds, the document is automatically created and stored in the relevant location in Dominion National’s document repository.

One of the key business principles of Dominion National is to “seek better ways to serve their clients”. ActiveDocs helps provide the brand-compliant documentation faster and always accurately, helping Dominion National be a brilliant provider and administrator of dental and vision plans for all of their 900,000 plus members.

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About the Customer

Dominion National

Headquartered in Arlington, VA and incorporated in 1996, Dominion National, is a leading provider and administrator of dental and vision benefits in the USA’s Mid-Atlantic area, offering managed care and indemnity programs, claims adjudication and comprehensive plan administration.


About the Solution


ActiveDocs develops document automation software that makes it easy for large organizations to design templates, and produce the documents they need with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

It’s the confident choice of large companies for document automation success.

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