A leading intellectual property law firm automates correspondence with ActiveDocs

Efficient and reliable document generation integrated with Inprotech.

Brisbane July 26, 2022
Pen signing documents.

FB Rice, a top tier leading Australian Intellectual Property law firm, implemented ActiveDocs for the generation of correspondence across their business, replacing a legacy solution that was built on Microsoft Word macros.

FB Rice attorneys and their assistants can now produce correspondence, emails and letters, through intuitive questionnaires launched directly from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word.

Samuel Ricketts, ActiveDocs Sales Director for Growth Markets, said: "FB Rice were looking for a highly sophisticated document generation system that could keep up with their requirements for a seamless integration with Inprotech, have the ability to create templates from reusable building blocks, and give their users a powerful, yet simple to use questionnaire that can be launched from the apps they are already familiar with. Prior to the purchase, FB Rice completed a proof of concept project. The ActiveDocs team worked with them to automate some of their most complex templates. The successful completion of the project proved that ActiveDocs can integrate seamlessly with Inprotech and that the chosen building block approach based on ActiveDocs Snippets works well. Getting first-hand experience with the software, FB Rice could trust that the new document automation system would meet all their requirements."

The correspondence automated by FB Rice includes client letters, reminders, communications with other parties and patent offices, and a number of other document types that are needed for the successful management and protection of intellectual property.

The use of ActiveDocs Snippets helped FB Rice improve content reuse and speed up the creation of new templates. New templates can be built simply through collating Snippets and adding any template-specific content. Snippets themselves have connections to Inprotech with rules built-in to ensure that the correct data and wording appears based on the context of the correspondence.

With this investment into efficiency of their business, FB Rice have set themselves up to cater for a growing client base with the same number of staff and further improved their industry-recognised high quality of service.

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About the Customer

FB Rice

FB Rice is a top tier leading Australian Intellectual Property law firm with offices in Australia, New Zealand and South-east Asia. It has been named Best Specialist IP Firm five years running and Best Client Experience Firm for Specialist IP in 2021 and 2022. The firm works with a diverse range of Australian and international clients including manufacturers, software companies, universities, hospitals, co-operative research centres and research institutes.


About the Solution


ActiveDocs develops document automation software that makes it easy for large organizations to design templates, and produce the documents they need with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

It’s the confident choice of large companies for document automation success.

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