Rothbury Deploys ActiveDocs for Proposal Generation

Rapid generation of policy documents, seamlessly integrated with existing applications.

Auckland July 04, 2023
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A major insurance broker based in New Zealand has chosen ActiveDocs for the creation of insurance proposals.

Rothbury recognized the need for an efficient and reliable document automation system to make their documents more accurate and to improve overall efficiency.

With the adoption of ActiveDocs, Rothbury has access to a comprehensive suite of tools and features, including template design, document generation, and delivery automation. ActiveDocs, known for their expertise in providing document generation solutions, have a proven track record in empowering organizations worldwide to create professional documents quickly and accurately.

"We are delighted to welcome this prominent New Zealand insurance broker to the ActiveDocs family," said Catherine Larsen, VP of Sales NZ "Our document automation software will empower Rothbury to create and deliver personalized documents efficiently, ensuring that their customers receive tailored information that meets their unique needs."

Rothbury initially undertook a Proof of Concept with ActiveDocs to develop an ‘minimum viable product’ for proposal delivery based on real-life business requirements. After the successful Proof of Concept project, Rothbury moved to a pilot deployment. The pilot has been so successful that the users who were not initially involved in the pilot were requesting to join or proceed to a full deployment sooner. Now ActiveDocs is fully deployed with more than 200 Rothbury users generating proposals.

Rothbury can now generate graphic and information-rich proposals in a fraction of the time of the previous more manual process. Thanks to ActiveDocs automation, the proposal can be generated as uneditable PDF’s, ensuring that the applicable regulatory and internal-standard compliance requirements are always met. Further development of the solution includes integration with Rothbury’s SWIFT system.

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About the Customer


Rothbury is one of New Zealands largest Insurance Brokers. Operating in more than 25 locations Rothbury provide personal and commerical insurance advice - with more than 50,000 customers nationwide.


About the Solution


ActiveDocs develops document automation software that makes it easy for large organizations to design templates, and produce the documents they need with the greatest speed, success, and minimum risk.

It’s the confident choice of large companies for document automation success.

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